WDIIA – Monday, March 30, 2020

My first cup of coffee is late this morning because I slept in. Last night I wasn’t ready to go to bed. As I ran through our streaming channels looking for something funny or uplifting to watch, I was sorely disappointed in how much violence, murder and sad drama there is. Most comedy things I found I have seen many times over. So, I dropped into the romantic comedies category and started watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I watched the entire movie. If I had checked Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB first, I might have just gone to bed. It wasn’t very funny or even particularly romantic to me. Was dating really that bad in 2009? Anyway, I digress…

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At 5:00 pm today, our governor has declared a statewide “Stay at Home” order. We can still go out for groceries, but the advice is to stay in unless absolutely necessary. We are not buying excessively unlike some people. We have supplies for at least two weeks, but will need to go out at sometime for groceries. Only one of us goes out, and we sort and stage our groceries before bringing them in the house. Every day it seems new information comes out about how long the virus lives on a given surface. Ugh. There are still so many states where people are continuing life as always and I worry about what that means in the long run.

Yesterday I watched a few videos about using watercolor pencils which I have on hand. I also have some postcards made from watercolor paper so I could make some cards to mail to friends someday when people are not afraid of even receiving mail. 🙄

Our garden center is open and they are allowing people to order over the phone and then have the items loaded in your car curbside. Hubby is in the process of putting together another raised garden, so we might order some mushroom compost and some seedlings if we can do so safely. Since he has a truck, things could be placed in the bed rather than in the interior of the vehicle.

Yesterday I went on my Facebook page and posted links to several fellow-bloggers’ Amazon pages for my friends that love to read. I hope someone gets a purchase or two out of the sharing. I will do another group next week.

What are you looking forward to after this is past us? Seeing family? Hugging friends? Gathering in groups? Going to the movie? For me, I look forward to no longer living in so much fear and uncertainty. And hugging my family again. I miss my children and grandchildren so much.

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  1. Honestly, what’d I really like to drink a latte in our local coffee shop, eavesdrop on strangers, and relish in normalcy. Then, have my teenager stop by on her way home from school, filled with stories.

    Thanks for this post!

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    1. They all sound wonderfully normal, Brett. Normal is what I miss the most.

      Yours was one of the links I shared to my FB page. You are such a gifted writer.

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  2. I miss date nights out at the local Mexican restaurant that we frequent, even though if I’m honest, going to the same place every week was getting old. When it’s taken from you, you miss it. We have not stopped family dinners, we had one yesterday, it was still a gathering under ten people, all of whom are well so far. Stores around here are still open, mainly grocery stores. I’ll be happy to see my friends again, I guess no one thinks of FaceTime but me, lol.

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    1. We have no contact with anyone outside our home with the exception of going to get groceries. I have been video chatting with grandchildren and friends as much as possible, too. Stay safe and stay well.

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  3. I am living life much as normal, (normal for me anyway) though obviously with greater care. But I am really looking forward to being able to go out to a restaurant again, and to being able to drive up to the beach when the car parks re-open.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. We spend a lot of time at home anyway, Pete, but we did enjoy the occasional trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway or the local parks. But, for now, we can let that go. Stay safe. Hopefully people will cooperate and put this behind us soon.

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  4. You’re just starting the stay home adventure? We’ve been doing that for two weeks now. As an introvert I’m not finding it too difficult to be at home all the time, but part of that is because of the blogging community that is thriving under the current restriction in the real world. So many posts, so much time to read them and comment on them. Stay safe, be well.

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    1. Ally, we have been staying home for two weeks except to get groceries. This will be an order for the entire state. I am glad, actually, because so many people cannot seem to police themselves otherwise. Yes, our community has been wonderful!

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  5. I’d love to meet family and friends, hug laugh without worrying. The UK is on country wide serious lock down.
    Also want to celebrate mother in law’s 100th Birthday. Stay safe💜💜

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  6. Yes, definitely seeing family. Our annual trip to NJ/MA is on hold as are any plans for Fl. Missing the kids and grandkids so badly. Will have to get travel in before the next predicted wave in Fall. Just hope and pray they have some kind of medication by then to at least make this virus able to be fought without such dire outcomes. 🙏

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