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Song Lyric Sunday – DJ

My blogging has taken a hit lately, but I wanted to throw my hat in the SLS ring this week. Jim gives the following guideline:

This week we have DJ as the prompt and you must feature a song whose title must start with the letter D or J.

Since the pandemic, hubby and I have been watching more television than normal. We like to find a show on one of our streaming options that have several seasons with multiple episodes. We switch back and forth between Philo, Netflix, Hulu, and Acorn. We have become very fond of Acorn because of the British content.

A couple of weeks ago we started a show and the song I am choosing today is the theme song from the show. “Detectorists” is a show about an unlikely crew of metal detectorists. We cannot for the life of us figure out why we like the show so much but we do. The theme song from the song is lovely and rather addicting to listen to.

The “Detectorists Theme Song” was written and performed by Johnny Flynn. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to British actor and singer Eric Flynn and Caroline Forbes. He is the lead singer and songwriter of the band Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit.

I never seem to tire of this song and his voice is like gold to me.

Detectorists Theme Song
Lyrics from Genius Lyrics

Will you search through the loamy earth for me
Climb through the briar and bramble
I’ll be your treasure

I felt the touch of the kings and the breath of the wind
I knew the call of all the songbirds
They sang all the wrong words
I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for you

Will you swim through the briny sea for me
Roll along the ocean’s floor
I’ll be your treasure
I’m with the ghosts of the men who can never sing again
There’s a place follow me
Where a love lost at sea
Is waiting for you
Is waiting for you

Why not join in on this Sunday blogging ritual. Head over to Jim Adams’ blog to check out the rules and read some of the great responses to the weekly prompt.

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Slumber Parties – A Rite of Passage

Creator unknown but will credit when known

When this meme started popping up all over Twitter and Facebook, it reminded me of the slumber parties of my youth. Slumber parties were a bit of a rite of passage for adolescent girls. I attended a few and hosted a few and we always tried to make them memorable.

I was young when I attended my first slumber party at my best friend’s house. There were probably 8 or 10 girls in attendance and We were probably in 4th or 5th grade which would make us between nine and ten years old. Boys raided the party and her older brother tossed them out – literally. Later everyone donned their pajamas and curled up in sleeping bags. There was a terrible thunderstorm in the night and our hostess, my best friend, left us in the living room and went to sleep with her mom because the storm frightened her.

When we moved to Ohio, slumber parties became more sophisticated. There was always some sort of prank or mischief involved. There was a time that seances were a big thing. Of course, we had no idea what a seance really was, but we went through the motions like we did. It was a suitable way to invoke a lot of screams and laughter.

Elijah Bond (1847–1921) and Charles Kennard (1856–1925), Ouija board – Kennard Novelty Company, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Then there was the Ouija board, a popular ‘game’ of the 60’s which was supposed to be a way to communicate with the spirit world. They seemed to make an appearance at slumber parties sometime during the night. We would ask questions and the planchette would move as two people had their fingers on it. There were always accusations “she is moving it!” as answers were presumably given.

Then there was the chant “I believe in Mary Worth”, which honestly I never understood until I just researched it today. That did not keep me from acting like I understood it all and joining in.

We tried to hypnotize one another with dangling pendants to no avail.

Honestly though most of the time we gossiped, talked about boys, and played pranks on one another. You never wanted to be the first one to fall asleep or you might be subjected to the dreaded ‘one hand in cold water and one hand in warm water’ which no one wanted. At one party the first person to fall asleep  had french onion dip spread on her glasses so when she out them on she might think it had snowed. It all seems mean now, but no one was spared. Everyone knew the risk of being the first to fall asleep.

My worst experience was the night we slept in a tent in my friend’s back yard. We decided we were going to ‘TP’ a house. At midnight we headed toward the house. As we were readying ourselves for the dastardly deed, a car pulled into the driveway, but not just any car – a police car! We made a dive for the bushes which were unfortunately rose bushes. We waited for it to leave, but it never did. We cowered in the bushes until the lights went out. We finally made it back to her house, our arms covered in scratches and our toilet paper unused.

As an adult recalling all this, I can see how kids get into mischief often unaware. It’s all about being included at certain ages. These childhood slumber party memories have become fodder for many a horror movie throughout the years. It’s always about the scare, but I am no fan of horror movies. Especially anything involving children.


Down the Rabbit Hole

I suppose I should be grateful for the rabbit holes I sometimes find myself in. They are a great distraction when the world seems to be spinning out of control.

Thursday night I was struck with insomnia which kept me up until almost 4:00 am. I pulled out my iPad and started doing some genealogy research which always has a number of available rabbit holes which are easy to tumble into. Thursday night was no different.

I have an account with and I often search for articles related to my ancestors. I have found a number of interesting tidbits over the years, but mostly they are little society snippets that simply state where people were traveling, who they were visiting, or perhaps who had a new baby or had recently been hospitalized.

Old newspaper adRecently I found advertisements my grandmother posted. One for room and board offerings, an another advertising for care positions.

My grandfather worked for the railroad and they moved around a bit. She eventually became an LPN, thus the ‘situations wanted’ ads.

Early Friday morning, I found an ad about two families that had traveled to my grandmother’s funeral. I knew as soon as I saw the names, Lane and Ford, who they were.

My grandmother’s best friend was a woman named Sallie. Their friendship was the first exposure I had to true female relationships. They exchanged letters and traveled to see one another when they could. I have vague memories of traveling to her house. It was the first home I saw that had the walls covered in dark wood paneling. Sallie’s maiden name was Ford, and she was in some way distantly related to Ernest J. Ford (Tennessee Ernie Ford).

Situations wanted ad

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I seem to recall my grandmother was a nurse for someone in the Ford family and that is how she and Sallie met.

These two women found a friendship that endured until my grandmother’s death. I remember how distraught she was at her funeral. They were both elegant ladies that grew up in a difficult time and their friendship saw them both through whatever trials they faced. It was something special and I knew it even at such a young age.

I started trying to connect the dots into the Ford family, but there were many many distracting rabbit hole. I delved into each of them. I learned that Ernie Ford died from liver disease brought on by alcoholism. His first wife was also an alcoholic who eventually took her own life. He remarried and his second wife did all she could do to drive a wedge between him and his children. It was the sad truth behind the local boy who made it big.

When my oldest sister was in the hospital to have her tonsils out, she was given an autographed photo of Ernie Ford. I am sure it came through Sallie. My grandmother had a music book full of Ernie Ford hymns. This is the image of the man I want to remember.

My late night discoveries made me mourn for a woman who lost her best friend (my grandmother) and her husband before she passed away. It was as if she died Friday morning even though her death was years ago. As far as Tennessee Ernie Ford, I am content to remember him through the music that connected me to him in the first place.


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SoCS – First and Last

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you every week by Linda Hill. Check out her blog for the rules and the contribution of other bloggers.

This week’s prompt:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “first thing.” Start your post with the words, “first thing” and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!

The last thing I did before going to bed last night was think about Linda’s prompt for today, wondering what I would write about. This morning, the first thing that popped into my mind was Barry White – the master of the sexy song – a title I myself bestowed on him. Of course I thought of him because of the song “You Are The First, My Last, My Everything”.

And now that song is running through my head and I cannot think of anything more to write. This might be an ear worm that stays with me all day. Maybe it will be yours, too. I know, that’s the last thing any of us need.


The Holly and the Robins

We do not ever see American Robins come to our feeders although we do provide the food they tend to eat. It may be the types of feeders we use that may dissuade them or perhaps their natural food sources are more plentiful where we live.

American Robin by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

Yesterday morning, I noticed a robin pecking through the leaves before we put the feeders out. They have a very distinctive walk and being a large bird with a rusty chest, they do stand out.

Later in the morning, hubby looked out front and noticed quite a few birds darting in and out of our holly bushes. He grabbed the binoculars and was able to determine they were robins. After doing some research I learned they often form large flocks to roost in trees or feast on berries. By the end of the day, our three holly bushes were almost devoid of their bright red berries.

Cedar Waxwing by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

Our first year in this house we had a similar experience except it was a huge flock of Cedar Waxwings that flew in and ate all the holly berries. We were shocked at how many flew in and cleaned out the berries. It was a sight to see.

I am not a huge fan of the holly bushes. To me, they are a more ornamental shrub and I like to have more native plants. But I must also admit I like having a natural food source for the birds.

Nature is certainly majestic in the layered fashion that the plants and animals rely on one another for survival. We could learn a lot from nature if we would just preserve and observe.