About This Blog

I started this blog on October 5, 2018. I accepted a challenge and blogged every day for 365 days. It was a great achievement and Now I find myself still blogging. Perhaps I have relaxed the pressure, but I will continue — perhaps not every day, but consistently.

The blogging community is welcoming and nurturing for newcomers. I made some great friends and I have broadened my horizons. Every day I learn a little more about the world we live in and a little more about myself.

What do I blog about? My life, my experiences and our relationship with those we share this planet with are top on the list. I share my creative endeavors and I participate in a few blogging challenges. I may also give some blogging advice from time to time. I write a lot about the way in which I grew up — in the country.

Who do I follow? Interesting bloggers. Writers, creatives and other intriguing people who have something interesting to share. Some funny blogs, some sad blogs and blogs by people who have overcome challenges. I love success stories. I love those who write about real life and those who write from their heart. I love to read about our differences and find our similarities in the words of others.

I am not big on self-promotion. I appreciate those who follow and I hope they get something out of the stories I share — just like the blogs I choose to follow. I enjoy interesting people who lead real lives and share them honestly and without pretense.

Welcome to my blog. I am happy to have you along on my journey.


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I appreciate those who read and I enjoy your thoughtful comments.

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