About This Blog

This blog will begin on October 5, 2018.

I am accepting a challenge to blog 365 days straight.

What? Why? Am I crazy?

Trust me, I ask myself those same questions every day leading up to the start date. I do know the answers, though. I retired two years ago and everything in my little world seems to take precedence over my own personal goals of creating and writing. Distractions that I allow.

Blogging for 365 days in a row – holidays, birthdays, sick days, sad days – now that is a commitment. I am committing to writing. I am committing to discovery. I am committing to creativity. I am committing to me.

I really don’t know what to expect. I can tell you just the thought of blogging every day for a year already has me thinking about what in the world I’ll write about. The funny thing, though, is this thinking starts your creative mind moving. All of a sudden all those projects and crafts and art I wanted to do come bubbling to the surface.

I imagine that some days it will flow easily. I also know some days will be hard. Either way, I know I am already inspired and motivated.

Oh, yeah, and a little scared of failure.

I am happy to have you along for the ride. Bless you, for following!