#1LinerWeds – More With Less

Day 297

I am discovering mysterious side benefits of the contentment I have achieved at this point in my life.

Less is more these days.

Less things to dust, less things to move, less things to worry about.

I am no longer tempted to buy things I do not need. I actually try to find things I can get rid of. It makes me feel lighter. Maybe this is why looking for a car has been hard for me.

Less emotional baggage is freeing, too. I am firmly rooted in the idea that all we have is today. Yesterday is gone and untouchable except through memories. Tomorrow is also out of reach.

Letting go of things and worries and regrets makes room for more joy and well-being.

Finding my way to living in the present has been life altering for me.

“The more you know, the less you need.”

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