Monday Missive – My WordPress Anniversary

It is a foggy and misty morning. I am driving down to The Kolache Factory this morning to pick up some sweet and savory kolaches – a Czech filled pastry of puffy dough.

  • Wordpress anniversaryYesterday I received a message from WordPress celebrating my 11 year anniversary of signing up for a WordPress account. My early experience with WordPress was designing websites for my web design business. I had several iterations of blogs on this platform and others, but it took retirement to become a consistent blogger.
  • I sent an email requesting a spot in Mary Smith’s online workshop “Mining Memories”. To say I am excited for the possibility is an understatement!
  • This past weekend we watched videos to learn how to prune our overgrown blueberry bushes. We are hopeful it will help produce a larger and sweeter berry when harvest time rolls around.
  • The first day of spring is only 19 days away if you are counting. I realize that does not mean a switch is thrown and spring flowers bloom overnight, but it definitely heralds a change in the weather.
  • Easter falls on April 4th this year. We will have had our second vaccine and the two week wait for the maximum protection will have passed. That does not mean we have the green flag to visit our families because most of them will still not have been vaccinated. The U.S. is starting distribution of a third vaccine that requires only a single shot which hopefully means more of the population will soon have some level of protection.
  • My Monday morning mental jukebox has Seals and Crofts on rotation. If you know it, sing along. Have a great Monday and a wonderful week.