I Will Pass, Thank You

The next two days will be celebrated by many people in the U.S. and tomorrow, throughout the world

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I have not watched the Super Bowl for years – no football really. I lost my taste for it years ago. I do not begrudge those who enjoy it, but I am happy to pass. Even the New York Times mini crossword had clues related to the Super Bowl today.

I feel much the same about Valentine’s Day. Hubby and I do not exchange cards or gifts, nor is there a box of chocolates waiting to be consumed. As my granddaughter would say, “It’s just not our jam”. I am happy for those who wish to celebrate and express their love in this way – go for it and enjoy it! We will have a couple of steaks on the grill and share a nice bottle of wine. This year we will celebrate our 26th anniversary, so we are doing ok.

Tomorrow will be hard for many people. Those who lost someone they love, those going through a divorce, or those who will spend the holiday alone – either not of their choosing or by design – may find all the hoopla disconcerting.

Loving, giving, and receiving are hopefully all done with heart. Whatever you do or do not do these next two days, I hope it brings you great joy!

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Share Your Story – A Valentine’s Day Invitation

Day 132

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

A few days ago I mailed valentines to all of our grandchildren. Valentine’s Day is not one of the holidays hubby and I put much stock in. We have never given cards, or flowers or candy. It is usually a day we choose to just spend together doing something we both enjoy.

This morning I saw a blog post by Toritto which was a poignant reminder that tragedy can strike at any time — even on a day set aside for celebrating love.

Most of us have several love stories. Some ending well, some not so well, some as only a witness, some a love for a pet, and some an ongoing love in our lives. I wondered how best to tell several love stories all in one day. After much thought, I have decided to write them all as single line stories in one post.

All these stories are a witness to the power of love and I think telling them in this way is a challenge as a writer.

If you care to join in, you can certainly link back to my post tomorrow, or if you are not a blogger, just leave it in the comments. Of course, you can just post privately if you would rather. I think it’s good to reflect on the many loves in our lives whether we share or not.

I will be working on my one line stories today and will have the post up shortly after midnight Eastern time the U.S. I will approve any pingbacks if you want to share your stories. I would love to read them.

In honor of tomorrow and to set the mood, I thought I would share one of my favorite love poems.

Rod McKuen, Listen to the Warm

I live alone.
It hasn’t always been that way.
It’s nice sometimes
to open up the heart a little
and let some hurt come in.
It proves you’re still alive.

I’m not sure what it means.
Why we can not shake the old loves from our minds.
It must be that we build on memories
And make them more than what they were.
And is the manufacture
Just a safe device for closing up the wall?

I do remember.
The only fuzzy circumstance
Is sometimes where-and-how.
Why, I know.

It happens just because we need
To want and to be wanted too,
When love is here or gone
To lie down in the darkness
And listen to the warm.