Under the Weather but Not Down for the Count

Day 218

Well, the germs have strengthened. Last weekend I prayed that I would not catch my granddaughter’s bug while I was there helping out. My prayers were answered — I did not get sick…not then anyway. This morning I woke to a full on sore and scratchy throat. Enter warm salt water gargle. Now I have had my first cup of coffee and my oatmeal and I need to find the gumption to get up and do some things around here.

Last night our internet went out for several hours. It is one of the things we have learned to accept living in these foothills. We lose power, cell towers, and cable/internet frequently. So many trees and mountains are fodder for the severe storms that love to down trees in their wake. I wanted to write, but my energy was waning, so I just spent the idle time reading.

At least the weather is nice. Gloomy, cold days seem to make me feel worse. The sunshine urges me onward. I have chores that need my attention while hubby is out cleaning up the yard of leaves and branches.

Yesterday, I was offered the opportunity to do a little part-time work which I think I will take on. It will be fun to have some extra money to put toward a few special projects I have in mind. This work involves very little pressure or deadlines, so it should be enjoyable. I appreciate the consideration and the opportunity.

Retirement has phases I think. Now entering year three, I am ready for a little mental stimulation. The first year was just relaxing and adjusting. The second year was remodeling efforts and adventures. Now in the third there is a bit of a cruising speed that involves maintaining our life and our home, but room to do more. Who knows how long I will feel this way?

So that’s it for today. Time for that second cup of coffee and a nice hot shower. Ugh.

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Under and Over the Weather

Day 84

Today I have been rather lethargic. I have felt a little under the weather all day. Nothing specific, just ‘off’. To top that off, the rain has started and we are under flood watches again. We have had so much rain this year it’s out of the norm. I am ‘over’ the rain to say the least.

We are trying to get back into the swing of taking our morning walks. I had to force myself to go today. I felt okay afterward, but it was a struggle today. I don’t think I’m sick, I think I’m just overly tired after all we have been through the last few weeks. Walking is important to me, so I do need to push myself to keep the exercise going.

I had such an amazing lift in the midst of this gloomy day. I received a beautiful and thoughtful card from one of my best friends. It is so nice to know people are thinking of us and praying for us. 2018 has been challenging for both of us, so for her to take the time to think of us touches my heart in a very big way.

I also received a beautiful comfort package in the mail from another amazing friend. I was so touched by her kindness in thinking of me and the loss of our mom. It was such a welcome and appreciated gift. She has one of the most generous and loving spirits I have ever known. I am so fortunate that she is a member of my tribe and that she considers me her friend. I am blessed.

One of the hard things about being the family members that live ‘away’ when someone dies, is you do much of your grieving alone. You don’t get the calls or cards or visits like you do when you live in the same town as your loved one. It makes the grieving process a very lonely one. The loving gestures from friends make the process a little easier.

authorI managed to do another chapter in my MasterClass. I have been criticized in the past for my writing process, but today I felt validated. If it works for me, that’s really all that matters. I am enjoying the class and thinking I may use one of my old blogs to test out some new ideas for a couple of short stories. I will post a link here if I manage to accomplish this feat within the next few days.

I did manage to update my FB cover and profile photo today to remind myself that I need to focus my energy on my writing.

Tonight I received a surprise video call from my youngest granddaughter. She’s 16 months old and was very elated playing with all of her new toys that Santa brought her. She gave me lots of ‘phone’ kisses and I really enjoyed watching her dance around and just enjoy life. What a pleasure!

Hubby cooked dinner tonight while I lounged around too long watching re-runs of old Top Chef shows. Before I knew it 11:00 PM had rolled around and I knew I needed to get this blog posted before the day slipped away.

I think I’ll enjoy a cup of decaf green tea with honey and tuck myself into bed soon. It’s been a long day.

“Just as a good rain clears the air, a good writing day clears the psyche.” 
Julia Cameron