Monday Missive – Thanksgiving Week

As we enter Thanksgiving week, I am reminded how much I have to be thankful for. Sometimes in the tragedy of this world, we lose sight of our blessings. We get caught up in the sadness or what seems to be the futility of it all. Today I will start a Thanksgiving post to publish on Thursday. It will help me focus on all the bright beacons in my life.

Yesterday I woke to the sad news of the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs. I cannot help but think of the horror of my own family being targeted in such a way. My heart aches for all the families that will enter this holiday season forever changed. How can you not be bitter when no one in our government will put commonplace gun control laws in place to protect our citizens? It is a broken record I fear and one that will not soon be silenced. On Twitter (yes, I am still there but not active) there is much more information about the perpetrator but I will not share unconfirmed reports here.

Speaking of Twitter. It is still ticking after many people thought it would disappear off the horizon with all the cuts made to staffing. It is what I imagine to be my idea of a horrible place to work. Musk reinstated Trump’s account based on a poll of users (or bots as some have suspected). So far, Trump has said he has no desire to come back. I guess I did not think about how many people across the world rely on Twitter for news – unfiltered news. So far I am still there, somewhat on the sidelines. I have started an account on Mastodon but with it comes a bit of a learning curve with its distributed servers and volunteer management. So far they have managed to stay afloat with the influx of thousands of people who left Twitter so good for them.

I have an MRI scheduled for next Monday (at 8:45 pm no less). I am hoping it will shed some light on the source of the pain. It is either something that can be fixed or something I must learn to live with. Ahhh, the choices we get with advancing age.

Our weather has been chilly but tolerable. Our highs are back in the high 50° F low 60° F with lows in the low 40° F for the most part. The rain has moved off to Friday now so Thanksgiving day should be nice weather for most.

I wish you all a peaceful week and for those in the U.S. a wonderful Thankgiving.