Song Lyric Sunday – Teen Angel

The prompt from Jim:

Our theme this week is Devoted, Faithful, Honorable, Loyal, True and it is again suggested by Lady A.

When I saw the prompt, I knew my song was going to come from the 1950s or the 1960s because young love was the primary subject for songs that made the charts and appealed to the teenagers buying the records at the time. And we did buy records!

”Teen Angel” is a tragic ballad about a young teenager getting killed in a car accident after initially being saved by her boyfriend. Written by Jean Dinning and her husband Red Surrey, “Teen Angel” was recorded by Jean’s brother Mark Dinning in 1969.

Due to the subject matter, the radio stations banned the song. Despite their refusal to play the song, it grew in popularity and jumped from #100 to #50 on the charts in the last week of 1959. The song eventually made the #1 spot on the charts in February of 1960.

“Teen Angel” was also banned by the BBC in the UK, but the song still managed to climb to #37 on the UK charts.

Every girl I knew had this song memorized and owned the 45 record. There was something about this tragic love story that we were drawn to. Maybe it is that dream and promise of undying love that gave it such a strong pull. Teens have that feeling of invincibility so maybe the tragic message was lost on them.

”Teen Angel” was a success, but put Mark Dinning in the ‘one hit wonder’ category although he did have a few other songs that made the charts. This song is the one he will be remembered for.

“Teen Angel”
Lyrics from

Teen angel, teen angel, teen angel, ooh, ooh
That fateful night the car was stalled upon the railroad track
I pulled you out and we were safe, but you went running back

Teen angel, can you hear me?
Teen angel, can you see me?
Are you somewhere up above
And I am still your own true love?
What was it you were looking for that took your life that night?
They said they found my high school ring clutched in your fingers tight


Just sweet sixteen, and now you’re gone
They’ve taken you away.
I’ll never kiss your lips again
They buried you today


Teen angel, teen angel, answer me, please

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