Life Vs. Blog Stats

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Day 308

According to WordPress, my blog views went down 14% last week. I don’t put a lot of stock into the stats except to see what posts people react to and how things going on in my personal life affect my statistics. Last week, I was down with vertigo (which reared its ugly head again this morning) and then I attended a two-day workshop. I think talking too much about my miseries, or posting short blogs — just for the sake of not missing a day — don’t bode well with followers.

This is why I rarely look at statistics. I do like to see what posts resonate with other people, but that’s about all the numbers really mean. I know when life gets in the way with blogging, followers fade. It’s interesting because that’s how life is sometimes, too. When we are human and frail, it is hard for people to continue to be there on an ongoing basis — the relationship changes. Relationships, after all, are based on connections and those connections need to be strong and ongoing.

I have seen so many relationships in my own extended family fail because people cannot communicate or get so busy the friendship can no longer stand on its own. Just like we as people need to attend to our needs and stay healthy our friendships require the same to survive.

Tomorrow we are going to pick up two of our grandchildren for a week-long visit. I am hoping I will stay healthy so we can enjoy this time together. They are really good children not to mention they are my heartbeats. This means my blog posts will again be short and sweet, but such is life. I cannot worry about statistics or readers or followers or comments. I welcome them all, but they are not the reason I blog. This I do for me.

I wish you all a peaceful and fulfilling week. Stay healthy, seek happiness and I’ll see you in the comments section.