30 Day Film Challenge / Day 30 – I Made It!

Here we are at Day 30. Sometime during the third week I thought I might not make the entire 30 days, but here we are! Many thanks to SandmanJazz for introducing this challenge and allowing others to play along. Thank you!

Today on the final day, the challenge is a film with a beautiful ending.

There are a number of films that could easily fit into this category but today I am choosing the 2000 film “Finding Forrester” starring Sean Connery and a relatively new actor at the time, Rob Brown, who played the role of Jamal Wallace rather convincingly. I enjoyed the character Terrell played by Busta Rhymes.

I love the ending of this movie. It has heart. And I am a sucker for a film with a lesson and a positive ending.

I decided to take on this challenge for July after reading about it from SandmanJazz. Check out his blog and his entry for the thirtieth and final day of the challenge.