Maggie’s Mindless Meanderings

Don’t expect anything more than rambling thoughts.

We had a lot of medicines and substances at home when I was a kid that are now controlled. The one that comes to mind immediately is paregoric, which is an opium/morphine (now controlled) substance. It was rubbed on our gums for a toothache. I remember the taste so well. I do not remember any side effects from using it.

How did kids go from hating any kind of medicines – all my generation did – to willingly taking mood altering drugs?

I got curious and went through my Amazon history to find the first thing I ever purchased from Amazon. My first order was in March 2010. I bought 4 DVDs. I believe I have purchased more DVDs than anything else over the years. They used to be the ‘go-to’ gift for birthdays and Christmas and now most people do not watch them much. I have given away many, but we still have a LOT.

My eye doctor recommended I start taking ocular vitamins. These recommended ocular vitamins are very expensive. The good news is he says I do not need to worry about cataract surgery for another 8-10 years. Yay – getting old!

Speaking of eye doctor. I hate picking out frames because I cannot see with my glasses off. And now, Covid era, handling all the frames and trying them on with a mask makes it worse! Now, the frames go in a box after you touch them to be sanitized and put back on display. I might try one of those virtual apps.

“I couldn’t ____________ if my life depended on it!” This statement was usually made in reference to things people were once able to do but could no longer do. How would you fill in the blank?

A friend shared a NY Times article with me. It was interesting and floated the idea that after Covid, the prominent emotion we are feeling is languishing. The American Oxford dictionary defines languishing as “failing to make progress or to be successful”. How would you define languishing? Do you think it is a good way to describe this Covid Era?

It has been chilly here and very dry. We had freeze warnings the last two nights and now we have an increased chance of fire. Luckily tomorrow they are forecasting 1-2 inches of rain. Now what do do with those Cornish game hens hubby was going to grill?

Off to find a recipe for roasting the hens.