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SoCS – Say, What?

Linda is sending us back to our childhood in what I am calling Sentimental Saturday SOCS style. Curious what it is all about – then check out Linda’s post for all the details. Why not jump on the bandwagon?

Today’s prompt is as follows:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a phrase you grew up with.” Include in your post a phrase your mom/dad/grandparent/sibling used all the time when you were growing up, or just write whatever inspires you based on that phrase. Enjoy!

I tried to think of a phrase maybe not so well know – something from my Appalachian roots. Once I stopped thinking so hard, it came to me.

Every baby and every child had a “play purty” or play pretty although it was never pronounced that way. It was a name fir a toy or something given to a child to play with like a rattle or someone’s car keys.

It was not a phrase used just for babies – or children for that matter although that was the original intent.

A new car, a new bike, new jewelry, or even a new fella could be colloquially described as a new play purty.

It makes me smile to remember my parents teasing me about a new play purty when I started dating although I am sure it embarrassed me at the time