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When It’s Not in the Cards

Day 183

Today started on a high note. Meditation was awesome. I am finding that 45 minute sweet spot when my brain stops all the chatter. Now I see why people want to meditate longer.

I worked outside again this morning. I planted sunflowers and milkweed for the butterflies.

All day I looked forward to attending a writers’ group meeting in Asheville with a friend. I left home half an hour early to give myself plenty of time to find parking.

Unfortunately, as soon as I got on the highway, traffic came to a complete stop. There was an accident ahead and all three lanes of traffic were at a standstill. It took me a full hour to get to the next exit and I knew I would not make it all the way to Asheville in time. I called my friend to cancel and turned around to come home.

At home I found my internet and WiFi down. Some things were just not in the cards today. I am always mindful that I was fortunate to get home safely when someone else had been in a traffic accident. I am counting my blessings.

Now to see if I can post this through my cellular data and call it a day.


The Blog that Almost Wasn’t

Day 58

It’s late and I’m just barely going to get a small entry done today. It has been a long and hectic day. I am not sure I slept at all last night. I stayed in bed but never felt like I fell asleep.

I started at 6:30 am this morning. Coffee, shower then off to my weekend workshop. It was a really foggy morning so I left a little early to arrive by 9:00 am when I thought the workshop started. Wrong. I was the first to arrive because the workshop was not scheduled to start until 9:30 am. Thankfully, my instructor and her husband were very kind and let me come in and hang out while they finished breakfast.

This workshop is a jewelry making workshop. Today was designed to be a workshop where you come in and just do what you want and get hints and tips along the way as you need them.

It may have been my lack of sleep, but everything took way too long for me today. Filing and getting edges to match perfectly was really challenging. I finally finished setting a piece of labradorite (one I cut into a cabochon) on a pendant. A project that should have taken a couple of hours but with my missteps today it was hard.

After the workshop, I found out my granddaughter was sick again which caused a major change of plans for their weekend. She has had a rough year. Shortly after I arrived home we discovered we had no cell service nor WiFi calling. So we have only been able to text tonight. We are still unable to make or receive phone calls.

We also found out some other family members are ill and unfortunately, we cannot call and check on anyone so that’s frustrating.

So, I am ready to usher this day out and get ready to go back to my workshop tomorrow — at 9:30 am this time!

“Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.” 
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes