One Liner Wednesday – Tech Obsolescence



That line, upper case letters and all, was easy to pull out of the email I received from internet radio company Grace Digital. My husband bought me an internet radio about five years ago. It relied on an internet radio aggregator for it to work. Well, guess what? The aggregator (Receiva) went out of business rendering all the radios useless. Of course, in my early troubleshooting, I had already done a factory reset because I could not connect to the internet. Now I am the proud owner of a very expensive big black BRICK.

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Throwback Thursday – Going, Going, Gone

Yesterday I read an article about things that are facing obsolescence due to the pandemic. I starting jotting down things that have been and gone out of frequent use in my adult life even though some may actually still exist. I know the list could be much larger, but this was just a few minutes of brainstorming.

It made me curious about things I still have lying around this house or things I know to still exist from this list. There are three or four things on the list I still have lying around.

So I ask you:

  • What could you add to the list?
  • What ‘obsolete’ things do you still own?
  • Why do you keep them?
  • Has anything become obsolete for you because of the pandemic?

I still have floppy disks in a box, a walkman (although it is a CD walkman, and a coin sorter, I think. There may just be a coin purse in a box somewhere.

I wish I had some pant stretchers. I may just go look and see if Vermont Country Store still sells them.