10 Little Things

Day 103

Today I feel light and lighthearted so I want my post to reflect my mood. So, I thought I’d share 10 Little Things that made me happy today.

  1. I heard my granddaughter say I love you for the first time today.
  2. Hubby and I walked 2 miles in 36 degrees F with a windchill of 30 F. It felt good!
  3. I watched the movie Management and fell in love with lots of old songs again.
  4. I love hearing my husband strum the guitar.
  5. I donated all the things I organized yesterday to our local hospice thrift store.
  6. Our salmon did not thaw in time to cook so we had peas and wild rice for dinner!
  7. I put clean flannel sheets on my bed and they are covered with cardinals and chickadees.
  8. Hubby bought me a throw and it is a beautiful gold color and SO warm.
  9. I resolved an issue I had with a short story I’m writing and I love it!
  10. The camellia bush in my back yard has a single blossom. In January!

I just love days like today. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hoopla going on in the world, but I think finding joy and staying light is where I need to be. I will brighten the corner where I live. Hope you can do the same.

And now I leave you with this little nugget. Crank it up loud.