When I first started taking photos, I decided to upload a few photos for other people to use. I was not accomplished enough to submit my photos to some of the bigger stock photo companies, so I chose Morguefile. I was curious if people would download my photos.

I had used photos from Morguefile and while the quality was often lacking, occasionally I was able to find some that were very nice. Since that time, their stock now contains some beautiful images and amateur level photos are still there.

Last night I stumbled on one of my photos online and it piqued my curiosity. I went to my repository on Morguefile to see how many times my photos had been downloaded. It was a rabbit hole of curiosity.

My most popular photo was one I took of a group jingle bell napkin rings. It was downloaded 1,643 times. Of course, I was only credited a few times.

Photo by MagCindy at (Me)

Several photos I submitted were used on YouTube channels, in religious publications, blogs, etc. Who knows where else, especially for those who did not credit the photo. Now if I had cared about that too much, I would never have uploaded them.

I once had someone use my photograph as inspiration for a painting. She sent me a photo of the completed painting which was nice.

I am still not at the level of taking professional stock photos. But this was an interesting venture 11 years ago. Now my photos are for me more than anyone else.