Befuddled Day With a Touch of Joy

Image Courtesy of Molly Sharp Voorhees

Day 291

It was a bit of a mixed up busy day. I had a busy morning and a rushed afternoon trying to wrap up a few loose ends. Friday and Saturday I am taking a jewelry workshop with the fabulous Molly Sharp. What a great designer and a wonderful teacher! She teaches in her home studio in North Carolina and at locations throughout the U.S. and Mexico. (I hear rumors there are also possibilities of workshops in the U.K. and in Florence.) I am so excited. When I work on jewelry, I am able to lose myself totally in the process. It’s not easy work; it takes a great deal of focus and good eyesight (thank you magnifiers) and patience.

After I finished my afternoon miscellanea, I had to go out and run a few errands. I was feeling a little discombobulated and rushed. When I turned the corner to head back to the house, I saw a couple of deer on the roadside. I eased up to try and take some photos. I didn’t get too close before they got spooked and ran back into the woods. I checked for traffic (there was none) and stopped to get the photos. Suddenly, all the stress of the day just dissipated.

Here on the side of the road, life simply happens. It was peaceful and relaxing just to watch. I felt bad that I spooked them, but their instincts will serve them well. I am glad they are a little wary of people. This is hunting country.

Hubby went out tonight, so I just had a simple pasta salad for dinner. I sat in front of the TV and watched re-runs of NCIS. It suddenly started pouring rain. It was one of those hard-hitting but somehow relaxing rains. When I took my dishes into the kitchen, I saw this little guy stuck to the window.


So, although the day was a little crazy, the tradeoff is well worth it. I will have two days free to immerse myself in creativity. The photo at the top of the blog is a sample of the necklace we are making. Hopefully, I will have a photo of my creation to share later in the weekend.

For now, I am going to treat myself to a dish of frozen yogurt and call it a night.

Short blog posts until Sunday when I play catchup.



Life is a Whirlwind

Day 60

Well, here we are folks, at day 60 of our 365-day blogging challenge. I am finding that my daily blog is as much a part of my thinking as my morning cup of coffee. It has become something I do because I really want to do it. It has been good for me to talk about my day and remember fond memories from my childhood. That’s two months! Patting myself on the shoulder.

I also want to mention that I love the Grammarly Chrome extension I downloaded. I receive an email every week that tells me how many words I wrote, what my most common errors are and what percentile I fall in for various writing and grammar topics. I have learned I am not as bad as I once feared! Of course, I do not have the paid version which would do more sentence structure and complex grammar checking, but I will continue to use this free version for now.

Jewelry Workshop

IMG_7924 2My weekend workshop was superb! Our instructor is a kind and generous teacher. She is so helpful and supportive which is what you need when you are starting out. She never does work for us – but she answers questions and helps us troubleshoot if necessary. I ran into problem after problem, yet I persevered. I ended up with three pieces I was really fond of. They took a great deal of time and patience but I’m so glad I hung in there.

I really want a jewelry studio — just putting it out there in the universe. Hubby has carved out space in the garage for me to work — once he gets the junk moved out of the way of course. Then he will build me work surfaces and my job will be to figure out how to pay for the equipment. Stay tuned to see if I come up with any grand ideas!

Late Fall Days

IMG_7926 2Today was just beautiful. We went for our morning walk and the weather was perfect. Several neighbors were out walking as well. It was in the 50 degrees F range which made it warm enough to dress lightly and cool enough for the walk to warm us up. These perfect days will come to a close tonight as our weather is supposed to dip into much cooler temperatures. We even have possible snow predictions for the weekend.

IMG_7925 2We are having a salad for dinner with some leftover salmon. I picked the last bit of the lettuce in the garden and some fresh dill — my favorite flavor in a salad! I picked up accompaniments at the grocery store. And guess what else I found there! My childhood peppermint sticks. Of course, I bought a box.

With that, I will leave you and go about fixing dinner. It’s so much easier to write when I am well rested. The weekend wore me out, but I am so glad I went.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” 
John F. Kennedy