The Practice of Reading

My reading habits have been abysmal since the pandemic began. In early December I picked up a book to read. It kept me company amidst the shopping, decorating and wrapping. Once it was all complete, I started reading again.

I read five books in December, four of those since the 20th of the month. It feels good to be reading again. All the books came from the library, delivered to my iPad to be read on the Kindle app. Today I started a sixth book. If I kept on the pace of five books a month in 2022, I will have read 60 books.

I should not say that out loud – it sounds too much like a resolution or goal easily crumbled. I will just say it is nice to consider the possibility.

I have high hopes for the book I started today – the one that will accompany me from 2021 to 2022. The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig is my choice. I have not read any reviews, but the synopsis makes me think it will be a good transitional, possibly feel good book to see me into the new year.

What book are you reading while jumping from one year to the next?