My Eclectic Weekend Capsule

Day 252

The weekend has slipped by rather quickly which has me sitting back and remembering all that has transpired over the last couple of days. It’s funny how our days can be so full, but how easy it can be to forget it all so quickly! Maybe that’s my age, I’m not sure.

Yesterday we drove up to Burnsville, NC for the Toe River Art Council artist studio tours. It was a nice day and the drive further into the mountains gave us a nice break from the heat. We always talk about how perhaps we made a mistake not moving a little further north — that is until I remember how much worse the winters can be in the mountains.

The studio tours encompassed the towns of Burnsville, Celo, Penland, Spruce Pine, and Bakersville — all in North Carolina. We started by having lunch at a local deli/antique store where I snapped a few photos of signs about life in the mountains. It was a cute little hole-in-the-wall place to have lunch. We then visited about 15 different artists in their studios. Everything from metalwork to jewelry to painting to woodturning to glass to clay and on to mixed media. It was inspiring and the countryside was just beautiful. I discovered a few pieces I would love to own, but alas, the affordable pieces were already sold and the others were well beyond my available budget for such things.

On the way home, we stopped by the farmer’s market and picked up fresh tomatoes. We came home late, enjoyed a glass of wine and decided on tomato sandwiches for dinner. I am so fortunate to be married to a man who can just roll with the punches. I would have been a disappointment for anyone who expected 3 meals on the table every day of the week from me. Thankfully, we are both amenable to relaxed dining and spur of the moment changes.

This morning was an enjoyable morning of coffee and bagels and just enjoying the birds. A few days ago, I constructed a place for the bees and butterflies to drink. It consists of a little pie-pan (mine was made of aluminum foil) with marbles halfway filled with water. The marbles give the bees and the butterflies a place to land and drink. Of course, the squirrels and the chipmunks found delight in drinking there as well. Sometime Saturday evening, a raccoon drug it off. We found it the next morning, with tooth marks in the side and marbles spilled out all over the ground. Hubby picked it up and put it on the patio table. This afternoon we found a squirrel taking the marbles out, one-by-one and licking them. There was no water left, so I’m not sure what the little guy was getting off the marbles.

We received word that my daughter-in-law was coming home from the hospital today. After 11 days in the hospital, she had some major improvement over the weekend and they released her. We were all feeling so thankful. It has been a hard road for her. After 11 days of testing, still no answers, but all the tests have not yet come back. Thanks to all those who held good thoughts and those who extended prayer for her. I appreciate it so much.

Our Grand-Dog Lucy

We have a new “grand-dog”. We drove down to our daughter’s today and met her for the first time. She is a tiny little Boykin Spaniel and as cute as can be. The older dog does not know what to do with this little fur ball and so far is steering clear of her. It’s so funny to watch.

Hubby fixed a wonderful grilled salmon and we had sliced fresh tomatoes and a pasta salad. It is one of our favorite meals. We top the salmon with a honey chipotle seasoning that we purchased in Salem, MA a number of years ago. It is a perfect combination of heat and sweet which is lovely on the salmon. We have ordered it continuously since we first purchased it in Salem.

My evening ended with an online chat with two of my dearest friends. It’s our Sunday routine which is always a pleasant way to close out the weekend before the start of a new day.

It has been a truly lovely weekend. I hope yours was as well.