Gloom, Despair, & Agony on Me

I always think of this clip from HeeHaw (an old Television show that played in the states) whenever I have a less than stellar day.

We all have those days, right? Yesterday my granddaughter told her mother she was frustrated because the day had been a bad luck day. I know the feeling.

I went to the doctor to get the results of the MRI on my knee. My doctor came into the exam room with that look on his face. He was holding a two page report from the radiologist that read the MRI. “This is an abnormal report. You weren’t kidding when you said your knee hurt.” well, no $hit Sherlock.

Long story short, I have three tears in the minescus which will require arthroscopic surgery. But wait – there is more good news. It seems my joint is deteriorated beyond what it should be for my age. I may be looking at a knee replacement.

“The good news is you are the perfect age for this surgery.” A new knee will last about 30 years. If you have the surgery too young you risk the possibility of surgery again later in life. Have the surgery later and your body does not heal as well.

So, I am waiting on referral to an orthopedic surgeon. This is not the news I had hoped for, but I’m definitely not the first person to ever receive such news. I keep repeating this mantra:

Think about what you hope will happen and not what you fear will happen.

Now I’m off to the dentist. Only 23 shopping days until Christmas!