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The Journey Begins

Today I start a journey, blogging for 365 days straight. I have been looking forward to this with a bit of excitement and a great deal of trepidation. I retired two and a half years ago and I have experienced small spurts of what my mother called ‘sticktoitiveness’. For the most part, I have enjoyed just falling into each day and letting life happen as it will. Today changes all of that. Today, I have one goal every day – to write this blog.

How This Journey Began

I belong to an online writers group of amazing women from all over the U.S. and Australia. A challenge to blog straight for 365 days straight was issued. The idea of having a goal and a commitment I must meet every day felt like something I wanted to take on.

I have blogged off and on for years, but being dedicated to blogging every day will be new for me. So, wish me luck!

What to Write About???

So what will I write about? I feel like I am starting a journey home. What does that mean, exactly? I mean, I’m already home. I have a house and a family, right? I suppose that is true. I came ‘home’ to the mountains that I love so much when we retired. It isn’t the place I grew up, but everything around me feels like home. It’s the place of my ancestors. It’s where the story of me began.

So Then What am I Journeying Toward?

I can best express it by saying I am journeying toward the ultimate feeling of being complete – of searching no more – of being home in every aspect of my life. Home is more than people and a house. Home is the essence of who we are. It’s our history, our experiences and our future. It is what makes us feel complete. It is belonging – and just maybe –  we are luckiest if we never quite get there. 

And so it begins. If you would like to join along, just click the link in the sidebar. I welcome the company.

cropped-img_30015.jpg“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.” 
Anatole France