Song Lyric Sunday – DJ

My blogging has taken a hit lately, but I wanted to throw my hat in the SLS ring this week. Jim gives the following guideline:

This week we have DJ as the prompt and you must feature a song whose title must start with the letter D or J.

Since the pandemic, hubby and I have been watching more television than normal. We like to find a show on one of our streaming options that have several seasons with multiple episodes. We switch back and forth between Philo, Netflix, Hulu, and Acorn. We have become very fond of Acorn because of the British content.

A couple of weeks ago we started a show and the song I am choosing today is the theme song from the show. “Detectorists” is a show about an unlikely crew of metal detectorists. We cannot for the life of us figure out why we like the show so much but we do. The theme song from the song is lovely and rather addicting to listen to.

The “Detectorists Theme Song” was written and performed by Johnny Flynn. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to British actor and singer Eric Flynn and Caroline Forbes. He is the lead singer and songwriter of the band Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit.

I never seem to tire of this song and his voice is like gold to me.

Detectorists Theme Song
Lyrics from Genius Lyrics

Will you search through the loamy earth for me
Climb through the briar and bramble
I’ll be your treasure

I felt the touch of the kings and the breath of the wind
I knew the call of all the songbirds
They sang all the wrong words
I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for you

Will you swim through the briny sea for me
Roll along the ocean’s floor
I’ll be your treasure
I’m with the ghosts of the men who can never sing again
There’s a place follow me
Where a love lost at sea
Is waiting for you
Is waiting for you

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