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Throwback Thursday – A Pause

First of all, Happy 2023. I hope you all ended the year on a positive note and are looking forward to the new year.

As many of you know, Lauren is fighting pretty difficult battle right now. I spoke with her today, and we decided to pause Throwback Thursday for the month of January to give her a chance to catch her breath and not feel pressured about the challenge.

Many of our normal contributors are also participating in JusJoJan (it’s not too late to join in this annual challenge hosted by Linda Hill) so we thought it a perfect time to take a break. We will reevaluate at the end of the month and see where we want to go.

I want to thank all of you that have made this challenge so much fun. It has really allowed us to get to know one another a little better and that is what this community is all about.

As we pause for a month, I hope you will join me in sending Lauren healing wishes. I know she appreciates all your thoughts and prayers.

See you in February!

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Throwback Thursday #70 – My How Time Flies

We got home from Charleston last night and I was just too tired to write. It was a busy two days filled with family and fun. I skipped the movie (3 hours of Avatar) in favor of spending time with our daughter while our granddaughters, their Dad, and Grandpa donned their 3D glasses and ventured into Pandora.

Tell me what you loved about 2022.

I will be honest, it seems like just one long year since the pandemic began. 2022 did see the further relaxation of restrictions. I spent time with my family in Florida and here as well which was a blessing. Getting on a plane again was odd, but so worthwhile to spend time with family.

Do you have regrets?

I try not to regret the decisions or actions in my life. If anything, I do regret not pushing my doctor earlier on about getting the MRI on my knee.

What did you lose?

Even with the relaxations, there was still time lost with family. Hubby had a long stint with Covid in January and we had several family members who had Covid this year. I lost some of my mobility which is never a good thing, but things could always be more difficult, couldn’t they? I lost the ability to go to the gym like I once did and that has been something I miss.

What did you gain?

I gained perspective. I gained some weight. I gained even more respect for the health care workers and the school teachers who have stuck it out.

What was your greatest accomplishment?

Regaining and strengthening relationships.

How was your balance between happiness and sadness?

I didn’t experience a lot of sadness, but I still felt somewhat isolated. Very little travel and seeing family and friends still seemed lacking. I think the balance was okay, but neither happiness nor sadness really tipped the scale.

And lastly, what are you happy to leave behind and what do you look forward to?

I am hopeful we can put a lot of the political unrest behind us in favor of a more sane society. I am hopeful we will continue to put more of Covid into the past and move forward as a more health conscious society,

Of course my greatest joy that I look forward to the most is the arrival of our seventh grandchild (a grandson) in May! 

Anything more you want to add?

The last few months of 2022 have caused me to put my blogging on the back burner at times. I hope that I can get back on a more regular schedule after the holidays. I love this community and wish you all a happy, healthy, and productive New Year.

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Throwback Thursday #70 – A Year in Review

Here we are closing in on 2022, hopefully looking forward to what the new year will bring. Preparing for a new year often entails looking back over the past year.

So, today, we are throwing back only one year.

  • Tell me what you loved about 2022.
  • Do you have regrets?
  • What did you lose?
  • What did you gain?
  • What was your greatest accomplishment?
  • How was your balance between happiness and sadness?
  • And lastly, what are you happy to leave behind and what do you look forward to?
  • Anything more you want to add?

I am in Charleston visiting family, so I will respond later today when I get back home.

I wish you all a wonderful wrap-up of 2022 and hope you have lots to look forward to in 2023. No resolutions for me. Just moving forward one day at a time.

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Throwback Thursday #69 – A Gift

Since we are in the midst of a few holiday seasons in which gifting is a symbolic gesture, I want to give each of our followers a small gift. The gift of friendship and with it the gift of time.

This week, feel free to take the time you might spend on writing a post and spend a few extra minutes doing something that brings you JOY.

Tonight I could not help but think about the many gifts (some intangible) I have been given throughout my life. It is good to think back with gratitude.

If you are still moved to write, please write about one of the greatest gifts of your life thus far. I will be here to read and comment off and on tomorrow. If you take a day off as a gift, I hope you spend your day doing something that nurtures your heart, mind, and soul.

Lauren and I wish you all the happiest of holidays.

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Throwback Thursday #67 and #68 – My Responses

Lauren surprised me by posting last night. That is a huge accomplishment considering all she is going through. So, here I am – late as always – to post both last week’s responses in addition to Lauren’s suggestion for the week.

Last week’s prompt (#67) was Class Assignments so I will start there.

1. What do you remember as the most interesting required reading assignment you had? What class was it for?

For some reason “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” stands out most to me. I think perhaps the moral of the story was lost on me as a teenager, but the imagery and the essence of the words Coleridge used have never left me.

2. Were you required to write a book report or were you required to give an oral presentation? What do you remember about it?

I do not remember writing a lot of book reports, but I am sure we did.  Do remember analyzing “Of Mice and Men”. I also remember that book as an exposure to a type of person I had not yet met in life.   I do remember giving an oral presentation trying to sell a one way ticket to the moon. Two students presented their pitch on the same subject. I lost that one.

3. What did you consider the worst book or article you were required to read? What made it the worst?

It was not required reading, but when I tried to read “The Hobbit” I hated it. The names of the characters made it hard for me to enjoy. I still have not read those books!

4. Were you ever required to debate other classmates? If so, what class was it for? Do you remember any of the subjects and your ‘side’ of the debate?

We had debates in Speech class. The subject was capital punishment and I was on the opposed side of the debate. One of the pro students was a very popular girl who happened to be the cousin of a boy I was dating (he attended a different school). I was not in her clique so this did not sit well with her. I remember it as being a lively and passionate debate but I do not remember which side won.

5. Were you ever required to do a science project or enter school science fair? What was your project? Did you do it alone or did your parents help you? If you were graded, how did you do?

I did a horrible solar system project. My older sister had been all the rage in our family when she created a model of an atom smasher a few years earlier. My attempt was abysmal in comparison.

6. Did you have a Home Economics class or a Wood/Metal Shop class? What types of things did you make?

I did take home-ec. I remember cooking and meal planning, sewing ( I made a tote bag with a French seam!), but my favorite of all our projects was to design and draw a floor plan for our dream house. I loved learning about why plumbing and electrical are run and how to affects the placement of rooms.

7. Did you frequent the library? Was it for class work or for pleasure? What book that you read for pleasure had the most impact on you?

I loved the library, but honestly I did not read much for pleasure in high school. Between band, art, and eventually my mother’s illness, reading took a back seat.

8. What was your most creative class? Band? Chorus? Art? Drama? Writing? What standout creative project do you remember most?

I played flute in concert band and was a member of the color guard for marching band. I loved traveling all summer with the band. In art class, I loved everything we did. My most memorable was hand painting an original film on white strips of film – not negative film. I am not sure what it was or what its intended purpose was, but the final film was awesome! We each had a certain number of frames to create a portion of the film.

9.  Were you Required to write a term paper or an end of year report in any of your classes? Did you remember what you wrote about?

We had to write a final term paper in high school English. My title was “The Non-existence of Time”. My English teacher challenged me and suggested I would never find enough reference material. Boy, was she wrong. Einstein and I became very close during that period of my life.

10. Bonus Question: Did your teachers ever offer extra credit assignments ? Did you do them to help improve your grade?

I do not recall ever getting a chance for extra credit.

This week’s prompt (#68) is Snapshots of your Life.

I have images in my mind. Clear pictures of my life that were never captured but images that will be with me forever. I see them from the vantage point of me as the observer, but I would love to have a photo so I could see me as a participant of those memories.

1. Before I was old enough to swim, my paternal grandfather would take me to ‘the baptizing hole’ to allow me to splash around in the water. I had a green bathing suit. He made me wear tennis shoes so I would not hurt my feet on the rocks. I could see the bigger older kids up stream at the “mill pond”. I never realized until this moment he was almost 80 years old. Wow. I loved him so much.

2. The Christmas Eve in Ohio when my mom was so sick. The Carolers from church came to my mom’s bedroom window and sang Christmas carols. That night I laid in bed with her and held her as she cried. A terribly difficult moment but one I would not change for the world.

3. I have no photos of just me and either of my parents. I would love one – the moment or the activity would not matter.

4. I remember holding both of my children right after they were born, but there are no photos. That moment is one of a strange mix of feelings – at least it was for me. Elation, exhaustion, relief, anticipation, fear, gratitude, pride, and happiness mixed with a touch of sadness, wishing my mother was there.

5. Early in the morning, standing on the roof of the building where I worked in Anchorage, Alaska watching the Northern Lights. It was breathtaking, awe inspiring and a sight I may never see again.