Monday Catch-Up

Day 281

Last week was a bit of a blur for me, so I thought it might be nice to play a little catch-up today.

Things I forgot to tell you:

I had my hair cut and colored again last week. Back to purple and blue. These were my two sister’s favorite colors and it is a constant reminder of them every time I look in the mirror. It makes me happy!

My niece had surgery last Wednesday. It was a long day, but the outcome so far is a very positive one for which we are most thankful.

The summer heat has been intense, but not as bad as elsewhere in the world. All our trees provide wonderful shade which keeps our house easier to cool.

We are finally getting tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers from the garden. It is so nice to have fresh veggies.

I noticed the dogwood leaves have already started to turn a slight purple color. One of the first to bloom in spring and one of the first to start transforming, readying for fall.

The hummingbirds are back again. I was able to approach one and take a nice photo with my phone. Then I was sad because I think it may be blind in its right eye.

Looking ahead:

We are still car shopping. No decisions yet.

I am making lasagne to take to my niece and her family this week.

This week is the 4th of July. Last year we had grandkids and took them to see the fireworks. This year I think we will cookout and stay home out of the heat.

I am getting the urge to write a little fiction to share here. Still pondering the idea.

My other niece is also having surgery in July. All my young people seem to be struggling with health issues.

I have not yet taken on migrating my blog to my other domain. It is on my list, but for some reason I am dreading it.

I think I am caught up now…


Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Day 195

Today’s post is brought to you by the jukebox in my head, and Lesley Gore of course. Yesterday was a cool and breezy day, but today has the promise of being a bit warmer. Looking outside and seeing the sun made this song pop into my head.


We love to watch the birds at the feeder. It is a favorite pastime of our grandchildren as well. I use a very cool and easy-to-use app called Merlin Bird ID from Cornell Labs to identify birds and learn about their habitat and their behavior. The app also lets you share your findings which is nice!

The ruby-throated hummingbirds are back. Our first sighting was on the 14th. We see them off and on throughout the day now. They are already exhibiting their swooping behavior. This can either be a territorial or a mating display. The poor hummingbirds spend more energy defending their territory than they do eating.

At the feeder today:

  • Goldfinches galore (bright yellow now that spring is here)
  • White throated sparrow
  • Blue jay
  • Northern cardinal
  • Tufted titmouse
  • Carolina wren
  • White-breasted nuthatch
  • Chickadee
  • Eastern Towhee
  • Downy Woodpecker
  • Brown thrasher
  • Indigo Bunting

The Indigo Bunting is a rare sight for us. They winter in Central America and the blaze of blue flying through the trees is unmistakeable. Seeing this bird always makes me feel the presence of my sister and that makes me happy. She always had Indigo Buntings at her feeder.

Plans for the Day

Today I will get back outside. Hubby raised our raised garden to improve drainage. Today I will plant radishes, tomatoes, peppers, rosemary, cilantro and basil to kick things off. We still need more tomato plants. Tomatoes bought in the store have no flavor compared to tomatoes straight off the vine.

Oh, and I picked the only ripe strawberry off my small basket. It was delicious.