The Infinite Loop – Just Reboot

Image by Denys Vitali from Pixabay

Old school programmers know about infinite loops. They are the result code that will repeat indefinitely, often requiring some external force to end it. Enter the reboot.

I have had several IT techs who always used ‘just reboot’ as the first solution to most problems. It did not matter how much that interruption would impact the work – it was just another cost of doing business. It often frustrated me, but unfortunately, sometimes that does seem to be the only answer.

Now for the reason for this post. More and more I am unable to leave comments on self-hosted blogs without entering all my information for every comment I want to leave. For some blogs, the connection to WordPress to verify my identity works, but for an increasing number of sites, it does not.

I know a few determined bloggers have reported this to the Happiness Engineers but thus far, there is no solution. I do not know if this is related to quirks within individual themes or some other factor. I just find it frustrating. I feel like these complaints fall into an infinite loop, never to be resolved.

Yes, I can add these blogs to my reader and comment there. But things get lost in reader. Post format, media files, slide shows, comment links, etc., do not show up or do not work the same. So I live with it. I do find it frustrating and as a result, find myself reading but commenting less frequently.

Unfortunately, rebooting does not fix this problem.