The Difficult Days

Day 161

Today was laundry and packing day. Tonight is my last evening with my family here in Florida.

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Every time I see my granddaughter I get more and more attached. This time will be the most difficult yet. She knows who I am and looks for me when she gets up. I know she will adjust to me not being here rather quickly, but it will not be so easy for me.

So, tonight my chores are complete and we can just play until bedtime. Then a short time in the morning before she heads off to daycare.

My daughter is taking tomorrow off so we will have breakfast and have a few hours before I must go to the airport.

I am happy to be going home and seeing my husband. He is so happy for me to have these visits. The next time I hope he can come, too. It is so bittersweet to leave my family here and it is never easy to say farewell.

We are a close family. We love fiercely. I wouldn’t have it any other way.