Go Stand In The Corner! Property for Sale

Today is the premiere of John Holton’s ( new Blog Hop Go Stand in the corner! where we are free to admonish whomever we might find ourselves at odds with at this particular moment.

I would like to escort the telephone spammers that call or text my husband every morning from the great state of Florida into the corner.

It seems his phone number has inadvertently been published as the owner of a piece of Florida property he does not own nor has ever seen. And every day he receives one or two calls asking if he wants to sell the property.

A couple of weeks ago he received the following text:

God bless! This is Kerry. How much would you sell your property for? My partner and I would like to buy it cash

After months of these daily calls, he finally decided to respond with something other than a request for them to stop the calls and texts. His response was:

With all the offers lately, $795,000 could be interesting.”


The calls have slowed down since then although they still have not stopped. It’s unfortunate because I think he was willing to negotiate.

Phone spammers – to the corner! And while we are at it, let’s throw the “Do Not Call Registry” in there, too.