More WordPress Frustrations

This morning I wanted to reblog one of my old posts only to find the reblog button missing – again.

The button was moved from the settings menu to the tools menu sometime back. I checked my tools/marketing settings and the reblog and share buttons are all active.

Now, the reblog button appears on some posts – but not all, and not on the post I wanted to reblog.

I edited the post in question and the ‘show sharing buttons’ checkbox is on.

I give up.


Strange Happenings in BlogLand

Day 323

Yesterday I received a message from a friend who follows my blog. She said she had to quit reading my blog online because every time she did, she received this message:

IMG_5694A few things at play here. First of all, I had my blog set up to only send an excerpt of my blog to the email. That means the reader must go to my blog to actually read the update. Secondly, I did a quick bit of research and it did not take long to discover this is a scam trying to get people to click on whatever sleazy thing they have going on.

The thing I am not sure of is where this comes from. I thought it might be a browser hijack. The suggestions online were to clear the browser history and just ignore the message. Well, that sounds well and good, but those types of messages are annoying and the chance of accidentally clicking are ever-present.

So, in the interim, I updated my blog settings to send the entire blog to the email so it can be read in its entirety there. Not an ideal solution because I can get windy at times. The other downside is that this impacts my stats showing me how many people visit my blog and if they read the post. Anyone have any hints to share?

Then, this morning I was surprised there were no comments on the blog I wrote yesterday. I always preview my blog before posting, but I did not think to look at it once published. It seems the ‘allow comments’ setting was unticked. This is the second time this has happened and unfortunately went unnoticed.

I generally write my blogs on my iPad over my morning coffee. On the WordPress app, I do not recall seeing a way to change this setting per blogpost. To rectify this, I pulled out my laptop and edited the blogpost and sure enough, the comment box was unticked.

I also wrote about some blogs I follow falling out of WordPress reader. I only had to go back to the blog and unfollow and refollow to set things straight again.

After reading lots of posts where people are having difficulty with the Gutenberg editor on WordPress, I am not anxious to introduce even more problems. I will stick to things as they are.

Moving my blog is still on my radar, but ughh – not looking forward to that either.

How’s YOUR Monday?





Power to the People

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Day 309

I am guilty of a little play on words with my subject. It seems to fit though.

I am a stickler for being on time and sticking to a schedule. This morning we had plans to leave home at a certain time to pick up the grandkids. Hubby went out to water the plants while I showered.

The problem was that he did not come back in. I dressed and went outside but he was nowhere to be found. The hose was lying in the ground in a puddle of water. After walking around the house I yelled out for him and he answered. He was in a foul mood.

By this time we were well beyond our planned departure time which put me in a foul mood.

What was the delay? It seems the contractors for the local power company had parked two or three of their trucks on our property. He went to investigate.

It seems the power poles are not in proper code and they will all need to be swapped out. That means windows of power loss for about 4 hours for each pole. The guy was not congenial in his conversation.

We really try not to use chemicals on our property and park huge vehicles there in hopes of preserving the natural landscape. By questioning why the trucks were parked there, it ruffled this guy’s feathers. He countered with he could have knocked our birdhouse down because it is on the right-of-way. Then the threats of spraying all the foliage to kill everything on the right/of-way.

We will need to post the property and give notice they cannot spray. This means the foliage would be cut instead of being killed off with chemicals. I realize this means more work for them, but at some point, the environment must matter.

Why do frustrations with others somehow turn into frustrations with each other? I guess we need to air our frustrations in some way.

We are finally on the road. An hour past our planned departure time. It looks to be a quiet two hour ride.


Rainy Day Musings

Day 12

It is a rainy day here in the foothills. I did not sleep well last night so I was tired when the alarm went off at 7:00 am. Since retiring I rarely set an alarm, but on Tuesdays I have a 9:00 am class. I get up, have a cup of coffee and a small breakfast, chat with my daughter for a few minutes as she drives to work, and then get dressed and out the door.

Rainy Day Blahs

I love my lapidary class so I am always anxious to get up and go. This morning, though, I actually contemplated going back to bed. I was tired and not in the right frame of mind to do the meticulous work required. Of course, I talked myself out of skipping class as I knew I would.

The doors were not open when I arrived, so I walked around the grounds of the school for a bit. I had a chance to pet a dog someone was walking and snap a couple of pictures of the flowers growing outside the entrance. That’s where the pleasantries ended.

I spent the first hour and a half working on a lovely stone. It was difficult to shape and very messy. The water was like a red clay bath. I was almost finished cutting the girdle and refining the shape of the stone when I heard a slight ‘crunch’ sound. I knew immediately the stone snapped.

At that point there was nothing to do but move on. I made the decision to cut the stone into a different shape and put it aside. I have learned when I get frustrated with a particular piece, it’s best to move on and work on something new. I had a piece of blue lace agate that would make two nice sized cabochons so I turned my attention to it.

lapidary.JPGUsually on Tuesday afternoon I like to post a pic on Instagram of the pieces I finished in class. Well, there will be no Instagram pics today. Everything is still in progress. Next week is my last class so I have three pieces in progress to focus on.

We think we can always do everything on our plates in a given day even if we are not hitting on all cylinders. I learned today that is not the case. Maybe taking the day to rest from a rather sleepless night would have been a better choice. I ended up frustrated and stressed.

Lessons Learned

GirlWashYourFaceI think I should listen to the advice I give so freely to others. Rest. Take it easy. Give yourself a break. Take a moment. All great advice if I would simply listen to my own counsel. My mom always used to say, “Listen to your gut”. Today I should have listened.

My daughter told me about an audio book she was listening to. She was so excited about it, I decided to buy a copy and put it aside for a day — well — a day like today. Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis was (and may still be) #1 on the New York Times best sellers list. If I had listened to my gut, I could have stayed home, enjoyed a cup of tea and read a good book while the rain soothed my soul. Next time I think I’ll listen.

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” 
Bill Watterson