We Are Not In This Alone

Day 47

I started a blog post this morning, but by evening, my heart just wasn’t in it. It didn’t feel authentic and true. I may finish and post it later in the week. But for tonight, I leave you with this simple thought. We were never intended to traverse this world alone. We need family and friends to see us through. Nearing Thanksgiving, consider reconnecting with someone or reach out to someone new. If you are lonely, there are many others that feel the same. If you are sad, there are people who will offer you a shoulder. If you miss someone, let them know. Let go of ego and find some happiness and joy and thanksgiving. And by all means, if you are filled with joy and happiness, share the love.

Often times the person standing in our way is the person in the mirror.

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A Potpourri of Thoughts

Day 46

What a day. It has been a blessing from start to finish. All I have to share are lots of jumbled thoughts about various topics. No concise thinking here tonight.


IMG_7836When I woke up this morning I was worried about how the day was going to go. I woke up and my knees and my shins were killing me. I assume it was from my over-zealous walk yesterday. We started by going uphill and I was pushing it. So, this morning I paid the piper.

We had coffee and went for another walk. This time we chose the other direction which goes downhill with a more gradual incline on the return. As we walked back I couldn’t help but think how easy the walk looked to be, but it is a good healthy incline. The road home looked like it could have come out of a poem. It caused me to think about the journey I’ve been on and how much I still hope to do.

The good news is the walk helped with the pain. I think I’ve just been too sedentary too long. Time to kick it up a notch.


IMG_7840As I mentioned, we will go get our Christmas tree on Friday. So, in preparation, I have been cleaning some and getting ready to make room for a tree and the accompanying decorations. I put together a small kitchen cart so I can move my mixer and food processor off the kitchen counter.  Nice to feel accomplished.

I fixed a nice fresh lunch — lettuce from our garden, avocado, cucumber, radishes, walnuts, and a balsamic reduction. I made the reduction myself and I cooked it a bit too long because it was too thick, but yummy just the same.


IMG_7842Since technology has emerged, I get very little ‘real’ mail. Today hubby brought in a package from a dear, dear friend I met online. As a matter of fact, we have only met once in person. Inside this ‘snail mail’ package was the most beautiful hand-made journal, a beautiful handwritten letter and an assortment of wonderful bobs of inspiration. As I read the letter, tears streamed down my cheeks.

IMG_7843It is so touching to be thought of in this way. I treasure the journal and want to use it for something very special. Every time I touch it, I will think of my dear friend and her kindness in thinking of me.

Who said you cannot make ‘real’ friends online? Pish posh. The friends I have made in this way are some of the best and I will be forever grateful for the path that brought us together.

Now NaNoWriMo

It’s been a busy day so we will have leftover soup from last night and then I will retreat to work on my novel.

I feel blessed in SO many ways. Another good day on the books.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” 
Anais Nin


Finding the Light

Day 24

Today was to be the second day of my much-anticipated workshop. I got up early not feeling quite right. I showered, got dressed and started on my way. About 10 minutes from home, I knew I should not be driving so I turned around and came home. It was disappointing, but as a good friend told me long ago, “Everything is as it should be”. I have repeated that to myself many, many times and today was no different.

My husband was kind enough to drive me over to my class so I could gather my materials and take care of loose ends. As we left the class, I received a text from my daughter that my granddaughter was ill and they had to take her to the emergency clinic. She will be okay, but my heart just aches.

IMG_7301As we drove, we passed this gorgeous tree. The light was hitting it from the back and it was just so beautiful. We stopped the car and took a picture of the tree. The light touched me. It was a reminder that even in our darkest hours, there is a sliver of light somewhere. It may be just a trickle, but it will be there.

Later we made a brief stop to enjoy an unplanned latte at a little coffee shop in Hendersonville. We sat out in the sunshine for a few moments and just talked. It was nice. I felt the sun on my shoulders and saw the light through the eyes of a very special man who just happens to love and care for me.


Several good friends of mine are hurting tonight. My heart is heavy and hurting and I feel for everyone that is suffering even a little. It can be hard and everything can seem bigger when we feel alone. Life’s problems come in waves and none of us are immune to some dark days or sadness. Doesn’t make it any easier, though.

There is so much hate and violence in our country and in our world. Today, this little bit of a blog is all I can manage.

If you are hurting or feeling sad, I send you peace and comfort tonight. Hopefully we can all focus on that little trickle of light and hope for a better tomorrow.

“Sometimes, the best way to help someone is just to be near them.” 
Veronica Roth