First Snow of the Winter

Last night around 8:30 pm it started snowing. Our first snowfall this winter. It was nice to sit with a glass of wine and just watch the snow fall, knowing it would not be long lasting.

I went to bed around 11:30 pm. Evidently we lost power around midnight and it has been out ever since. Surprisingly, our internet connection is still working and as long as our generator runs we have heat which is nice considering the temperature is just now about 36° F (about 2°C). Fortunately, the propane tank was filled recently, but we may shut the generator down later today to save on fuel. Living here, you really need a generator or an alternate source of heat because we lose power frequently.

This morning, the snow has melted quite a bit, although you can still see some on the ground. Last week we had powerful winds and never lost power, but I am sure the heavy wet snow took out multiple tree limbs throughout the area.

Our three year old granddaughter was sick with a stomach bug most of the day yesterday. She had her mom FaceTime us off and on throughout the day to tell us how bad she felt (13 video calls I think). We were happy to lend a sympathetic ear and tell her how bad we felt that she was sick. This morning, her fever is down and she is feeling much better, back to her playful self.

This could well be the only snow we will have this winter, so I am going to make a cup of coffee and watch the birds while the peaceful feel lasts.


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First Snow of the Season

Day 62

Today is one of those days that I don’t have much on my mind to write about. That’s okay, though. I had a very full weekend and lots of busy days lie ahead so some downtime is welcome.

We did our normal walk this morning. It was brisk but we hung in there. We saw a few bluebirds in an open field about a mile from our house. They normally do not come up to our house because the area around our house is heavily treed. Bluebirds prefer open spaces just on the fringe of woodland.

The bluebirds are not as ‘blue’ as in the nesting season. We had a pair nest in our bluebird house this past spring. Now we are thinking we need to put some mealworms out for them — especially because it is so cold and insects will be harder to come by.

Speaking of cold, we are anticipating the first snow of the season to come this weekend. The estimates of snowfall keep changing. At present, they are predicting 5-8 inches on Saturday and 5-8 inches on Sunday, Sounds like a perfect weekend to bundle up and stay warm.

We only get 2-3 snowfalls in our winter season. This one may come with some ice or sleet which will make driving more precarious. It also increases the chances of power outages due to extra weight on the trees. We are fortunate to have a generator, so if we do lose power we are usually okay.

One good thing we accomplished today was going to see a SHIIP counselor about Medicare. We had done a lot of research but had a few outstanding questions we could not find documented anywhere. The woman that assisted us was kind and extremely helpful. I think we finally have a grasp on all the ins and outs of moving into Medicare.

Just another average day. In a strange way, I am looking forward to the snow. I am glad we do not live where it snows a lot — I had my share of that when I lived in cold weather climates. I do love the change of seasons and the first snow of the year is oddly comforting to me.

So that’s it for the day. Nothing much going on here. Just an average day in the neighborhood.

“Life is lived in the moments of simplicity!” 
Avijeet Das