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Just Going With The Flow

Day 232

Our visit is going well. We are having so much fun forging an even deeper bond with our granddaughter.

Unfortunately, a couple of serious medical issues came up with two of our younger extended family members, so any positive thoughts or prayers you can send our way are appreciated.

We had an unexpected mountain rainstorm. That helps keep the heat at bay. Everything else is status quo.

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Quick Trip

Day 169

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Yesterday we made a quick trip so we could attend our grandson’s grandparent celebration at his school.

Kindergarteners are so cute when they perform. They range from extremely shy to bold and outgoing. Their attention span is so short that the performances were equally as short.

Quick purchases of books from the book fair and sweatshirts for the grandparents and then some painting in the classroom brought the event to a close.

Our grandson had early release so we decided to take him to breakfast at a place of his choosing. We ended up at McDonald’s for pancakes. The first time I have been to McDonald’s in years!

We had a great day with our little guy and his sister until dinner time. He started to run a fever and feel queasy.

Earlier in the day we had decided we needed to pack up and head home tonight. On our drive home, we unfortunately got a message that he did get sick. Poor precious guy. So, it was a mixed day.

I am tired and it is time to rest. I close this day knowing I am blessed with the love of family. I miss them already.