My Blog Was Blocked

Day 135-2

I have been sharing various blogs on FaceBook for years. I have a number of people who follow me from my FB posts.

Today when I tried to upload the link to Saturday’s blog from my phone, I kept getting a nondescript error and the message to try again later.

So, several hours later again I tried. This time from a different device. The error I received was that the link would not be published because it violated community guidelines. Head scratch moment.

I did some research to discover I was not the only person to have received this message. One suggestion was to go through a debugger which I did. I received the same message there which was not at all helpful.

So, I delved into the community guidelines. The only plausible possibility was that I had shared something in my blog that someone else owned. YouTube videos did not make much sense because I can share those same videos on FB directly. Quotes and written word were always credited.

I submitted a form asking them to look into this, but I do not ever expect to hear from anyone. I even went so far as to see if Google had blacklisted me, but nope! I got an A rating.

So, later this evening I attempted to ❤️ a friend’s Instagram post. I could not. I received a message stating I had a link in my profile (this blog) that ‘they’ were trying to protect their users from (or words to that effect). I removed the link and Voila! I could ❤️ to my heart’s content.

I put a post up telling my friends they would need to follow my blog directly. It was then that I noticed all 135 days of linking to this blog and all the comments had disappeared from my FB profile.

A few friends contacted me on Messenger to get the link to my blog and — you guessed it — I could not put the URL in messenger either.

So, I am in FB jail or blog jail or at the very least grounded for some reason still unknown to me. And honestly, if I did something wrong, just tell me and maybe restrict the hundreds of unrestricted ads that are forced into my timeline every day…

I have been minimizing my time on social media and talked about cutting back even more. Maybe now is the time.