Useless and Trivial Information

Dogwoods and Hubby’s New Truck

Day 336

Hubby is sleeping in this morning. We like to enjoy our coffee together so I am enjoying orange juice as I watch the world wake outside my window. My thoughts are swirling with a lot of useless information so in an effort to clear my thoughts, I will share with you.


Today marks my 336th day of consecutive blog posts. That means I only have 29 days left to meet my initial goal of blogging every day for a year. It is a practice I have come to enjoy a great deal. I have met some wonderful bloggers and am amazed at how elevated the interaction is when compared to social media. So where do I go from here? I have 29 days to figure it out.

Easter Eggs

The term Easter eggs has come to mean hidden items. The most well known are probably Google’s Easter eggs. For example, did you know you can play PacMan (and several other games) through Google’s search engine?

One of my recent favorites is what happens when you type in The Wizard of Oz. Click on Dorothy’s red slippers. And don’t forget to click the tornado later on.

Need to flip a coin or have momentary need for a metronome? Google’s got it covered. So next time you just want to waste some time, CognitiveSEO has a compilation of Google’s Easter eggs and I guarantee you can waste some really valuable time if you so desire.


Yesterday I was thinking about places my mother worked. She worked for Raytheon and for Goodyear Aerospace. I am sure they were both tedious jobs as are most manufacturing jobs. Mom was proud of her contributions to both because of the components both companies manufactured.

During the time she worked for Raytheon, they were making advances in guided missile systems. Her time at Goodyear Aerospace in Akron, OH was during the time they were making equipment for NASA.

w:en:Hughscontribs), Goodyear Blimp – Spirit of Innovation, CC BY-SA 3.0

When you say Goodyear, however, most people think of their blimps. Blimps were manufactured at Goodyear Tire and Rubber, also in Akron. It was not at all unusual to see the blimps flying near our home in the suburbs outside of town. The Goodyear blimps were frequently seen at sports games providing some of the early full field views.

If you are interested in the history of the Goodyear blimps, there is a cool and well-done booklet that gives a great overview.

History of Goodyear blimps


I would be hard-pressed to tell you which season is my favorite between spring and fall. They are both so phenomenal in their own way. But this morning, it feels like fall is in the air. It was only 62°F when I got up this morning. The direction of the sun is changing and the dogwood trees are definitely showing early signs of color changes that will soon burst everywhere around us.

It has been such a hot summer and I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures and a nice drop in humidity. We will take our annual drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the glorious color that is autumn in the mountains.

My Short Story

Yesterday, I was not sure about this story I was working on. So, I sent it off to my trusted reader for her thoughts. I was at the point of discarding or moving forward. She was encouraging, so I will move forward. Someday you may see it here.

Hubby is up and has fed the birds and gathered some yellow pear tomatoes from the garden. It is time to sit back, read some blogs and enjoy my coffee. Our friend came over to help hubby replace the tracks in our VERY HEAVY sliding patio doors yesterday. He brought us a couple of savory scones from a local bakery so we will enjoy those with our morning coffee.

Have a great Sunday.


Reflections on Easter Morning

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Day 200

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. with Easter hymns running through my head. I was flooded with memories of Easter with my family and missing those times with my siblings, my parents and my grandparents.

Easter morning was always early as we almost always got up and went to Sunrise Service out on a hillside somewhere. If the weather (rain and snow) did not allow for it, we still got up and went to church.

I remember well the new crisp Easter dresses with crinolines that scratched my legs. We always had a shiny new pair of black patent leather shoes and on a rare occasion, an Easter bonnet. For some reason, my parents dressed my two older sisters as if they were twins, even though they were almost a year and a half apart — they hated it as they got older. My brother was always in a suit jacket which was a very rare site to see.

If we were lucky, we got to walk home from church while the adults stood on the front steps to talk. Listening to adults talk for what seemed like forever was the worst!

On the days leading up to Easter Sunday, we would dye Easter eggs. The dye was in the form of a hard tablet that required vinegar and water. It took forever for those tablets to dissolve! There was usually a wax crayon we used to write our names on the eggs so they would resist the dye. Let’s just say our Easter egg designs were not fine art.

After church there was always a big dinner, usually served around 3 in the afternoon. Our Easter baskets were in view all morning, but we did not get our Easter baskets until after we had eaten. Our Easter baskets were inexpensive woven baskets with long handles . Nothing like the stuffed-animal type of baskets today.

When we were younger we hid and hunted Easter eggs. If it rained, we hid them in the house, but I do not recommend that. It seems there is always one egg that gets lost until months later and that is an unpleasant discovery let me tell you!

I hope this morning hold good memories for you, no matter your belief system. Most of all I wish you peace.

Easter holds a lot of good memories for me. For those that celebrate, it is a celebration of the resurrection and the promise of everlasting life.

This morning I am saddened by the news coming out of Sri Lanka on this Easter Sunday. Such a senseless act of violence.