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Sending good wishes to Alex and to Linda. Here’s hoping he is feeling better. Want to join in on SoCS? Head over to Linda’s blog to get the scoop on how to participate.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dict.” Find a word that contains “dict” and use it in your post. Have fun!

I should have known. By my age you learn about your body and how it reacts. We learn what our tolerances are. It serves us well. For example, I know I have an intense reaction to antihistamines and decongestants. They make me sleep for hours. But let me back up.

Thursday I went to the ortho. My left knee is bone on bone. Arthritis has done a number on the soft tissue. I will be looking at knee replacement down the road. However, there are protocols to try before surgery.

The first is cortisone (steroids) injections in the knee. Usually a total of three over the course of a year. The second is an injection of a gel-like substance that provides a cushion to the knee. That option generally follows the cortisone routine. Then lastly, knee replacement.

So, long story short (you’re welcome), Thursday around noon I had the first steroid injection. Easy peasey. I did as they suggested and took it easy all day. By Friday morning, the pain in my knee was almost non-existent. It’s a miracle I tell you!

Last night we had friends over and we had a nice evening just chatting and catching up with each other. When they left my face felt hot and I was flush and my face was burning. I thought it was the wine as I do not drink frequently. Well, I was wrong!

I was having a reaction to the cortisone injection. PREDICTABLE! After consulting Dr. Google, I decided to take an antihistamine and apply cold compresses to my face. It is the only thing that helps ease the discomfort. This most likely means the end of the road for me and cortisone. Back to the drawing board.

Last night I slept propped up on the recliner with cold compresses on my face. This morning my cheeks are still red and burning. This reaction usually passes within 3 to 4 days so hopefully that is the case.

I keep conjuring up an image of the Queen of Hearts shouting “OFF WITH HER LEG!”