Comfort – Tranquil Thursday #8

A black and white photo of a solitary boat on a lake

Today I fly to Florida to spend a week with my family so I will make this simple.

I have been thinking about the things that bring us comfort. We draw comfort from various things whether it be an action, a person, a pet, a favorite food, or perhaps a piece of memorabilia.

I think comfort has taken a bad rap. Many people talk about stepping out of our ‘comfort zone’ as if it is a negative place to dwell. Comfort itself seems to have earned a negative connotation. I understand the sentiment, but I value comfort and comforting others.

Here are some questions to ponder.

  • How would you define comfort?
  • Under what circumstances do you seek and/or give comfort?
  • The sound of my father’s voice always brought me comfort. Is there a voice that beings you comfort?
  • Do you have a favorite comfort food?
  • What person, animal, place, or thing makes you feel comforted?

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A place of comfort for me is a place where even in the midst of chaos, everything seems right with the world.

Being an introvert and a loner, I seldom seek comfort from others. My dad was always the person that comforted me. He could read me. He knew when things were off kilter. I often felt simply sharing the same space with him was comforting. He was a big man who could transform me with his hugs. No one has ever hugged me like my father although my son comes pretty close.

My dad’s voice was a deep bass voice and it amazed me how much gentle comfort he could deliver with that booming voice. I miss hearing it.

I have a few comfort foods.

  • Hardboiled eggs chopped up with a little butter, eaten on toast
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • A piece of warm buttered cornbread fresh from the oven
  • A cup of hot cocoa

I draw great comfort from my husband. We can both read or work independent of each other but there is comfort in the knowledge he is close by.

A dog or a cat snuggled up close, warm against my body. I find petting an animal most comforting as well.

Of course my mountains bring me great comfort  too. They hold the echoes of my family and my ancestors. They are home to me.


Finding the Light

Day 24

Today was to be the second day of my much-anticipated workshop. I got up early not feeling quite right. I showered, got dressed and started on my way. About 10 minutes from home, I knew I should not be driving so I turned around and came home. It was disappointing, but as a good friend told me long ago, “Everything is as it should be”. I have repeated that to myself many, many times and today was no different.

My husband was kind enough to drive me over to my class so I could gather my materials and take care of loose ends. As we left the class, I received a text from my daughter that my granddaughter was ill and they had to take her to the emergency clinic. She will be okay, but my heart just aches.

IMG_7301As we drove, we passed this gorgeous tree. The light was hitting it from the back and it was just so beautiful. We stopped the car and took a picture of the tree. The light touched me. It was a reminder that even in our darkest hours, there is a sliver of light somewhere. It may be just a trickle, but it will be there.

Later we made a brief stop to enjoy an unplanned latte at a little coffee shop in Hendersonville. We sat out in the sunshine for a few moments and just talked. It was nice. I felt the sun on my shoulders and saw the light through the eyes of a very special man who just happens to love and care for me.


Several good friends of mine are hurting tonight. My heart is heavy and hurting and I feel for everyone that is suffering even a little. It can be hard and everything can seem bigger when we feel alone. Life’s problems come in waves and none of us are immune to some dark days or sadness. Doesn’t make it any easier, though.

There is so much hate and violence in our country and in our world. Today, this little bit of a blog is all I can manage.

If you are hurting or feeling sad, I send you peace and comfort tonight. Hopefully we can all focus on that little trickle of light and hope for a better tomorrow.

“Sometimes, the best way to help someone is just to be near them.” 
Veronica Roth