SoCS – Peter Pan!

Linda gives us a math prompt of sorts for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collar.” Use it as a verb, a noun, or metaphorically. Bonus points for using it in all three ways! Enjoy!

Oh, Linda, I love extra points but I am not sure I will make it this week!

Did you know Peter Pan collars were designed especially for the production of Peter Pan? Well, that’s what I heard anyway. They were only intended for that purpose but they really caught on in America!

I loved Peter Pan with Mary Martin and how she whisked Wendy away to Never Never Land! And whisk sounds like Wisk and it is now time for our commercial break.

Why did so many white collar workers seem to have ring around the collar? ( I never wanted to be that housewife, even if Wisk was there to save the day!

I wonder which came first? The collar of a shirt or the collar bone? If you know let me know. Was one named after the other?

There are so many criminals in Washington these days. I would have thought the democracy police would have collared more of them by now. Politicians sure do get hot under the collar when they are accused of breaking the law. And I guess there is no moral jail for breaking moral laws, now is there?

Metaphor, metaphor. Is white-collar a metaphor? Did I unwittingly get the extra points Maybe I am mixing metaphors with something else. (See what I did there?)

My stream of consciousness is drying up. Time for another cup of coffee.