Classic Block – First Look

Today I am in WP-Admin writing this blog. This space is very familiar to me as it is the editor I always used for my Web Design clients. It is more like the classic editor. Yesterday, I wrote my blog using the Classic block in the block editor. Here are a few comments on the process on my iPad.

Look / Feel

While the classic block looks similar, it is different. The formatting controls are no longer static and seem to offer fewer controls. Instead, the formatting Controls float on the page often obscuring the line of text above. There were times I thought my text disappeared only to discover it was just obscured. I can see how this might be helpful if you write a long post – the controls would float down the page as you write.

The + sign for adding blocks seemed to always be below the line I was typing. I am not sure what triggered it. It was easy to delete.

Spacing between paragraphs did not look consistent although when previewing the post, the formatting looked as it should.


I often received the message indicating the saved post was different than the current version. It did not tell me if it was more current which left me confused. At one time I restored the saved version only to discover it had less content than what appeared on my screen.

If I left the WordPress tab and went to read an email or research something, when I returned my screen was ‘frozen’ meaning I could not Scroll the screen or type. I had to close the post and reopen to unfreeze it. All content was there when I returned.

Even though I was using the classic block editor, it became obvious the paragraphs were treated as mini-blocks. For example, I could not highlight the entire post and delete it all at once (which I often do when copying a post for recurring posts like SoCS or One Liner Wednesday). I had to delete each paragraph independently.

Time to Post

It definitely took a little longer to write a post because I did not prepare. I just dove in.

I am attaching screen shots below that show the classic block I used yesterday and the WP-Admin editor I am using today. Keep in mind I am writing on my iPad. Eventually I will do this on my laptop and report back. Also, I did not add photos or do any fancy formatting with either post.

Classic Block

Photo of classic block editor

WP-Admin Editor

Photo of WP-Admin editor