Carolina Bonsai Exposition

Yesterday we spent the day out and about enjoying our neck of the woods. The first stop was the North Carolina Arboretum.

This weekend is the North Carolina Bonsai Exposition. The weather was perfect, warm with cooling breezes. It really felt like fall. We had tickets for a lecture on “The Art of Bonsai Pottery,” featuring bonsai pottery artist Ron Lang. He has done some interesting sculpture and talked about his transition to making Bonsai pottery.

The art of Bonsai takes great patience, skill, and knowledge. It is a lifelong study for those dedicated to the art. Bonsai in its simplest definition is the art of growing miniature trees in shallow containers. The tree should mimic the shape of its larger counterpart. The selection of the appropriate pottery is an art unto itself. The pottery should be a complement to the tree but never take center stage.

There was also a display of Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging) as well.

We had a few errands to run where I ran into an old friend at one of the big box stores. I took a moment for a selfie then moved on.


From there we took a drive to Bullington Gardens although they were closed when we arrived. There were still some wonderful flowers to enjoy. I am thinking about taking a watercolor class there and just wanted to reacquaint myself with the route to get there.

Afterward hubby suggested we stop for Thai food. We have been wanting to try a particular Thai restaurant in Hendersonville so last night was the night. I think our server was new so the service was not great. I ordered my favorite dish, Panang Curry, but unfortunately, there were no red or green peppers nor were there any kaffir lime leaves – both flavors I feel are important to the dish. It was still tasty, but hubby was not as fond of the zucchini they used in place of the peppers as I was.

On the way home, the moon was large and hanging in the sky as if it had been purposely placed there to beckon our eyes toward the heavens. The moonlight shone in the bedroom windows most of the night until the much-needed rain started to roll in during the early morning hours.

It is still raining and we are thankful. It is good to see it raining again. We have almost had an inch of rain today. The sound of the rain makes it a perfect morning to linger over a cup of coffee and catch up on my reading.


Cool Fall Days

Day 8

The last remnants of Hurricane Michael have passed. I woke early this morning to the sound of wind gusts rattling through the trees. The rain stopped yesterday and today is full of sunshine and much cooler weather.

Now it finally feels like fall.

It was a perfect day to venture out and enjoy the weather. What a nice break from the heat and humidity of the summer. There is so much to enjoy where we live. There is never a lack of interesting and fun places to visit.

IMG_7167We have hubby’s mom with us so we opted for a trip to the North Carolina Arboretum. We often come up to enjoy the trails or take a class. It really is a beautiful place.

The trees appear lighter in color – evidence of the slow change to fall color. It was cool with the slightest breeze – a glorious day to be outside.

There was still quite a bit of color in the gardens. We took our time going through and just taking in the fall plantings. The Gardens were filled with parsley as ground cover and kale and chard used as beautiful accents in beds and pots throughout. Now why have I never thought of that?

I also fell in love with a Jin Dai Tatarian Daisy – a member of the aster family. I would love to have them blooming throughout our landscape. The butterflies and bees seemed to love them. I wonder if they qualify as native plant material? Probably not.

Carolina Bonsai Expo


The Carolina Bonsai Expo Opens at the Arboretum tomorrow morning. It is a wonderful event if you are in the Asheville area.

The guest artist this year is bonsai expert and instructor Bjorn Bjorholm. We are very novice bonsai lovers so hubby will be going to attend the workshop ‘A New Styling for an Old Pine’. Hopefully he can share some of his newfound knowledge with me when he gets home..

Art at the North Carolina Arboretum

There was also an amazing art exhibition by artist Sayaka Ganz entitled Reclaimed Creations. It was an amazing display of ‘creatures’ all made of reclaimed plastic such as forks and knives. It was beautifully realistic from a distance and even more breathtaking up close.


Overall, it was a beautiful afternoon. We have such an abundance of interesting places to visit in this area and one of the reasons we call it home.

I hope fall means more afternoons like this one.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson