Life is a Whirlwind

Day 236

This past week has been a whirlwind of the most magical kind. We have enjoyed 4 days with our daughters and our granddaughter. Saturday I had an unexpected surprise birthday celebration in my honor. We had five of our children, four of our grandchildren and three nieces here. It was pure chaos of the best kind.

Hubby did all the cooking – hamburgers, hotdogs, and homemade chili. My granddaughter made me a homemade coconut cake and brownies. Everyone sang happy birthday while she accompanied on the ukelele.

The little ones ran around the house laughing and having the best time. The older grandkids sat back and watched and laughed at the antics of the little ones. Cousins met for the first time and there was sleeping off and on throughout the afternoon. It was the best of days.

Our daughters and granddaughter left yesterday morning and after a very long day, arrived safely back home. After a quick turnover of the guest room, another daughter and two of our other granddaughters came and spent the night. It was so nice to have them with us to just hang out and enjoy one another’s company.

Sadly, my daughter-in-law was admitted to the hospital last week and is still undergoing testing. I plan to drive over to see her tomorrow. We missed having her and my son and my other two grandchildren here, of course, but her health is what is important. She has been such a trooper under very difficult circumstances.

My niece has also undergone some stressful medical tests so we are all waiting for those results as well. It was a week that makes you realize just what is important in this life we get to live.

God bless my amazing blended family. These are the most important gifts in my life. We remain prayerful and hopeful knowing we are certainly blessed.


Short and Sweet

Day 187

I took a quick trip to lend a hand to my son and daughter-in-law. The side benefit of trips like this means a couple of stolen evenings with my grandchildren.

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Life is fleeting as we all now, but when you are truly spending time with children it is magical. You have no choice but to stay in the moment and enjoy every second.

The way the eyelashes hide a certain look or the smile of a child who just lost two teeth. The nose that wrinkles up when they laugh too hard or the sweet way brothers and sisters say goodnight to each other.

Sitting on the floor you realize they want nothing more than to just be with you, fully engaged, laughing, telling stories and dreaming of big magical dreams.

Then to see our children as spouses and parents make you wonder how time passed so quickly. These are the moments that you realize that somewhere, while you were stumbling and making mistakes every day, God thought you worthy of the most precious of gifts — family.

I am truly blessed.


Small Blessings

Day 27

Today’s blog will be short. It was a day of plans that did not quite work out the way I envisioned them. I will be fortunate to get a short blog up and continue my 365 days of blogging.


HalloweenAs everyone prepared to celebrate Halloween, we made the drive to see our granddaughter and help her celebrate her birthday. When she was born, this day was transformed to be less about Halloween and more about her. Of course as children, they still celebrate Halloween, but for me, it is about this joyous beam of light that God brought into our lives.

We knew we could not spend a lot of time because they were going trick-or-treating and we had to get home for my husband to go to class. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a relapse and we had to cut our visit short. It was not the kind of day we usually have with them and that was disappointing but it could not be helped.

We have always loved Halloween. We do not decorate any more because we do not have trick-or-treaters where we live. We used to do it up big and had tons of kids come when we lived in more urban areas. I miss it, but not as much as my husband does. It was always his favorite holiday.

Letting Go

So, tonight I had to let go of the expectations I had for the day and just appreciate the blessings I had been given. At least we made the trip, saw our children, got hugs from both our grandchildren and watched our granddaughter open her gifts. It was a day of simply enjoying the bounty of small blessings with our family.

In this world at this time, I cherish these days of small blessings.

Nothing means more than this.

“Count your blessings and enjoy them.
Live, laugh and love.
Be kind and gentle.
This is life.” 

George Pornaris