Home is Family

Day two of my blogging journey.

Family is so important to me and spending time with our family is a big part of feeling at home. The warmth of knowing someone and loving them throughout your life is irreplaceable. My journey to home would not be possible without those I love so much.

Chihuly - 1Last night was a special treat. We met one of our daughters and her husband for a quick dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen before heading to the Biltmore House for the ‘Chihuly at Night’ exhibit – a lovely Father’s Day gift in which I was able to share!

We all love Zoe’s and I had my regular chicken kebobs, greek salad and rice. (I am in love with their Tsaziki sauce.)

During dinner I received a call from my precious 8 year old granddaughter and her 5 year old brother. They were so excited to tell me about a butterfly they found with a wounded wing that they rescued and brought inside to save. I could not hear well in the restaurant but I will get more of that story later today.

It warms my heart to hear their excitement about nature because sometimes they are a little afraid of it. Having grandparents who live in the mountains will cure you of that quickly!

Chihuly at Night

Chihuly - 2The Biltmore House is beautiful at anytime, but there is a certain magic in the property at night. The Chihuly glass was installed throughout the gardens and it was beautifully lit. The air was cool with a hint of fall – such a nice night to walk through the gardens and experience such beautiful works of art. Enjoying the evening with family made it even more special. 💕

Times like these are precious and fleeting. I wonder how many times I say ‘it seems like only yesterday’ when talking about our children and our grandchildren. Home is definitely where the heart is, and our heart is definitely with them!

Family is Home

Later today we will drive to Charleston, SC to pick up my husband’s mom for a visit. We enjoy having her with us. We will enjoy lazy mornings and languish over coffee and talk.

While she is here, we plan to have a day with our daughter (her granddaughter) and her family. Four generations together!

These are rare days – days I was never able to experience with my own mother, which makes them even more special and a little bittersweet.

I am blessed to have family close by. It just seems no matter where we live, we are always away from someone. As long as everyone is happy and content, then I am okay with the distance. Doesn’t make me miss them any less, though. Especially when there is a one year old little girl with pony tails who is growing up way too fast for this grandma.

Chihuly - 1 (1)“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough” 
Walt Whitman