Monday Missive – Life is a Whirlwind

🎶  You know that waking up is hard to do, now you know, you know it is true 🎵

That is what started running through my head as soon as the alarm went off this morning. It is grocery pickup day so we set the alarm. I have really come to enjoy waking up naturally even though I rarely sleep late. I find the alarm jarring.

This last week started out slow but sped up by the weekend. Sometimes I don’t know where the time goes. Life under quarantine evolves at a rather strange pace.

  • I finished Michelle Obama’s book Becoming. It made me realize even more how much I miss the Obama White House. A president and First Lady who were involved in the betterment of our country. People who could write and speak eloquently and still remain down to earth.
  • I just started reading Little Fires Everywhere. I am not into the book far enough to know if I will enjoy it as much as other books I have read of late.
  • Yesterday hubby let me give him a haircut. (Hey! I watched some YouTube videos on how to do it!)  We ordered shears and a cape and we went outside and I cut his hair. It did not turn out bad at all.
  • Our garden is still doing well. We have lots of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Our determinate tomatoes are starting to develop fruit, but they are not nearly ready to ripen yet. Yesterday, I used the last of the dill from the garden and made some ‘refrigerator pickles’. We should be able to sample them tonight. Fingers crossed!
  • For those who follow her blog, my daughter got a new job and she starts tomorrow. I am hopeful she will be able to blog about it, so I will not blab all the details other than to say she is extremely excited.
  • Last night I received a text from my 10 year old granddaughter. It made me so happy that she thought of us. This was always our tradition when they visited us.


  • There has only been a little progress on the workspace. Hubby tended the kiln fire Friday night and did not get home until 4:00 am, so Saturday he slept most of the morning then we just chose to enjoy the rest of the day. He cooked Cornish game hens on the grill along with some grilled mixed peppers and onions. SO good!
  • Highs are predicted to be in the 90s (F) all week with little or no rain. Let’s hope the humidity stays low. It is hard to believe it is only 71 days until fall.

Onward and upward as they say. Stay safe everyone.