30 Day Film Challenge/Day 15

Today the challenge is a film that broke your heart.

The movie I selected is not necessarily historically accurate in many ways, but the story still left me sad. It continues to be that we punish those who are different than what society considers the ‘norm’ regardless that they should be given the same rights and respect as should be afforded to everyone.

“The Imitation Game” was a great film in my opinion, but it did break my heart to see how society can turn its back on someone who gave so much for the overall good.

(I do not know all the inaccuracies of the film Vs. history, I am basing this on just my viewing of the film.)

This clip is the end of the movie so it is definitely a SPOILER if you have not seen it.







I decided to take on this challenge for July after reading about it from SandmanJazz. Check out his blog and his entry for the fifteenth day of the challenge. Maybe even join in!