Dinner Delight – Thank you King Arthur

Pizza flourMy latest order from King Arthur Flour came a few days ago. I have been so excited waiting for this order to arrive.

What did I order yo ask? Flour. But not just any flour. I ordered their 00 flour for making the most silky and luscious pizza dough. At one time I could buy 00 flour at several grocery stores, but no more.

You might think we are having pizza tonight, but au contraire! Tonight pizza rolls are on the menu.

When we lived in Florida we frequented a little family Italian restaurant named “Munchees”. Their Italian food was really good and my favorite appetizer was what they called ‘Munchee Rolls”. They were similar to mini calzones.

In actuality, I think most people refer to them as pizza rolls. So, tonight I am attempting to make our homegrown version of pizza rolls/munchee rolls.

Wish me luck. The dough is rising as we speak!