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Pennies From Heaven

Day 193

It is a rainy Sunday. We have threats of severe weather this afternoon and evening. Not a good day to be outside so I decided to try to get my blog published before Mother Nature blows some high wind our way and knocks out the power and our cell service.

When my sister was a little girl, she stood with her face pressed against the window and would just lament “pouin’ down rain”. It made me smile thinking about her this morning. Every time it rained, one of her siblings would always look at her and repeat her childhood words back to her.

Most people seem to find the rain depressing or it reminds them of less happy times. I started looking for songs about rain I found most of them to be about love gone wrong or heartbreak. I wanted to post an upbeat rain song. I narrowed it down to two songs, but The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” lost out to this number by Count Basie and Frank Sinatra:

Yesterday I spent some time outside taking photographs of plants and flowers. I am glad I did because if the high winds and heavy rain continue, a lot of the blooms will be destroyed.

The text I just received indicates we are under tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. I can see the trees moving as the wind gusts move through ahead of the storm. Our trees are only feet away from our house.

So, before we lose our connection to the outside world, I think I will hit publish and go find a good book to read.

Yes! There are the sirens. Our watch just became a warning.

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Lazy Sunday

Day 179

The Morning View Down My Driveway – Azaleas and Dogwoods in Bloom

The rain woke me at 3:00 a.m. and again at 5:15 a.m. I could not go back to sleep so I was in a quandary about how to spend my unexpected early morning hours. I decided to meditate. Unlike prior mornings there was a lot going on in my head. It was all quite clear to me this morning, but now I cannot recall much except I think it was an exercise in learning to forgive myself.

I am always so calm when I meditate. I am finally reaching that sleep-like but not sleeping state. It is peaceful there even if the things my mind presents to me are sometimes chaotic. There was a time in my life when these thoughts might have been painful, but now they are just thoughts. Byron Katie would say perhaps I am learning to love what is.

It was a windy, rainy, and rather cool morning. I decided to forgo my walk and instead spent the day catching up on MasterClass. I finished Judy Blume’s class and started Neil Gaiman’s class.

Judy Blume strikes me as a very compassionate and feeling person. It was nice to learn she and her husband run a bookstore in Key West. It would be fun to visit — sure wish I had known that when I lived in Florida.

Her discussion on censorship was interesting. A few of her books were banned from public schools through the years. I appreciated how much time she spent on what happens after you decide the book is finished. It was very enlightening.

Her demeanor was quite a contrast to Margaret Atwood. I got the sense Margaret Atwood was a determined feminist. This is what I love about the MasterClass series – such diverse writers.

I decided to take an afternoon nap which is rare for me. It always leaves me a little disoriented when I only sleep for an hour or so. I like long naps, but that was not meant to be — not today anyway.

I had a quick video chat with my granddaughter which consisted of me watching her walk around the patio eating frozen yogurt. You never know what you will get with little ones.

Now, a quick reheat of some leftovers and then it will be time to bring some plants inside — we have a freeze warning tonight.

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Cold Weather Memories

Day 117

chiliWe were anticipating snow tonight, but it went north of us. We have wind and colder temperatures, but nothing like the areas north. It was a good day to make a big pot of homemade chili and just stay home. As much of our country is preparing for the Polar Vortex, I cannot help but remember some of my own experiences in cold weather.

When I was very young, we grew up in a house with a single stove in the dining room. It was a Siegler oil heater with a round vent at the bottom that blew out warm air. This was where we got dressed, dried our hair and just huddled around to keep warm. (There is a picture of our exact stove here.) There was no heat in the house at night, but when we went to bed, the upstairs bedrooms were toasty warm because of the rise of the heat throughout the evening. I can even remember my grandfather fashioning a piece of tin that he clipped to the round blower in an attempt to push warm air into other rooms.

Later in life, I lived in a very old house in Virginia. It was a two-story house that had suffered from neglect over the years. This, again, was a house in which there was no heat at night. The house was heated by a coal stove in the living room and a cast iron pot-bellied stove in the kitchen. The coals would be banked at night so starting a fire the next morning with a little luck and some dry kindling would be easier.

On one particularly cold and snowy night, I remember lying in bed and watching the snow blow into the bedroom between the old weathered clapboards of the house. At one time the seams between the boards had been covered with old newspapers and wallpaper that had long since deteriorated. I think those cold nights buried under heavy hand-made quilts are the reason I love heavy blankets covering me when I sleep. It brings me a sense of comfort.

I am also reminded of a few times when I was staying with my step-mother that we ran out of fuel oil and it was extremely cold! We gathered all the quilts we could find and hung them across the doorways so people stayed in the kitchen to try and stay warm. We all pulled up a chair and sat in front of the open oven on the stove in an effort to get warm.

Then there was the time I lived in Alaska in a mobile home. Talk about cold. There was not a lot of insulation in the walls and I can still remember going into the closet and finding my clothes frozen to the exterior walls of the closet.

I had several cold weather days in Alaska when it dipped well below zero. However, in the 11 years I lived there, there was only one day my car would not start and I had to miss work. Every house and apartment complex had outdoor outlets so you could plug in the headbolt heater that almost everyone had on their car.

My thoughts are with those people in the path of this extremely cold weather. Stay in and REALLY bundle up if you must go out. This anticipated windchill is brutal. Keep your animals, your children, and yourself safe and warm.


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Another Power Outage

Day 108

We received the edge of this arctic blast which for us meant high winds. I think our highest gusts were 35 mph.

We lost power right before 9:00 am. Internet/WiFi and cell followed shortly thereafter.

I had planned to make a 15-bean soup today. We do have a generator but it supplies only the basics which does not include our electric cooktop.

This meant the beans soaked over 24 hours. When the power came on at 8:30 pm, I decided to cook the beans. I was afraid they would be mush by morning.

So, I spent the day napping and reading which was heavenly. I finally started Becoming Mrs. Lewis and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is definitely a writer’s book.

We still have no WiFi so I will try to update this over cell. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Man, that soup smells good!