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SoCS – Does This Ring True?

It’s Saturday morning and time for SoCS again hosted, as always, by the lovely Linda Hill.

If you want to join in, head over to Linda’s and get the scoop on the rules. Here’s the subject for the day.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Bonus points if you use it as both. Have fun!

I always read Linda’s prompt on Friday afternoon. This helps me toss ideas around in my mind before I start to write. It does not always work in my favor. Take today’s word for example – ring.

I first thought about my Tibetan bowl. I remember teaching my grandson how to make it sing. He was so enthralled with it, we bought him one for his birthday when he was oh so many years younger. It has a calming effect. But see – I’m thinking of sing – not ring.

Moving on, I thought about the song “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. But there wasn’t much I thought I could say about that off the cuff. So I decided to sleep on it.

This morning I woke up thinking about Sing Sing – the prison in New York. Why do I remember that so well? It must have been mentioned in a lot of those B gangster movies we watched as a kid. RING NOT SING! What is wrong with me?

My mind eventually went to gangsters then. The stoolies couldn’t keep their lip zipped. When they decided to ‘sing like a canary’ they ended up wearing cement shoes. Do you see a pattern here? R-I-N-G, Maggie! Get with the program.

Once my mind takes a detour, it ends up on a one way street with no opportunity to turn around and right my path. 

Trying….ring, ring, telephone ring. We don’t own a traditional telephone anymore. I guess my cell phone rings, but it is usually a ringtone which for me means a song that reminds me of that person. My ears ring almost constantly. I hate that. 

I wonder why they call a boxing ring a ring? It is a square not a circle. I could look it up, but my mind wants to remind me of the movie “Sing” that my granddaughter loves so much.

Good grief. I’m just going to stop here and enjoy my coffee. Maybe I should not have thrown my hat in the ring this morning.

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SoCS – Shhhhhhh

Linda, Listen! You can’t keep this crew silent!

What? Ohhhhh! Just silent letters in a word? Now I get it! Stroll over to Linda’s and listen to what she has to say.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word that contains a silent letter.”Choose a word that contains a silent letter and use it in your post, or write about words with silent letters in general. Enjoy!

I love words. I always have. I think my teachers were very good at their jobs, because I never struggled with words that have silent letters in them. Let’s face it though, the English language doesn’t make it easy. It does make me wonder how my teachers kept the flow year after year so that my understanding of vocabulary remained consistent.

I am trying to think of some words that might be confusing. Pterodactyl is an odd one. That silent P at the front of the word is useless!

As kids, my sisters and I would drink 7-Up and pretend it was champagne. We all knew how to pronounce it, but we would laugh and say “Please, more cham’pag’nay, dahlink!”

Our local grocery store does not sell many high end products. We like Emeril’s Homestyle Marinara sauce. One day, the shelves were empty. A gentleman stocking the shelves turned and said to us, “Oh, that’s a GorMET item and only gets stocked on Tuesday.” We still laugh about it and always check ourselves if we plan to shop for any GorMET items on any day other than Tuesday or Wednesday.

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SoCS – Are You Bored?

We are back and Linda Hill gives us two words for SoCS this week – homophones if you will. There are even bonus points possible!  Head over to Linda’s blog to get all the details on how to participate. Make sure to read some of the other blogger’s posts while you are there.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “board/bored.” Use one, or use them both for bonus points. Enjoy!

I am trying to remember when kids started saying “I’m bored” and could seemingly find nothing to do. I certainly never said it and I honestly do not remember my children saying it. I think maybe it is not that kids are bored, but perhaps more they are not challenged in the way previous generations were. We had the whole outside world at our disposal with very few restrictions. Maybe the world of a child has shrunken into a smaller box.

Even now I am seldom bored. I busy myself with something at all times – or at least I try to. One of my favorite pasttimes is research. Now, I am not a fan of being required to research something, but I love it when my own curiosity takes hold. I can spend endless hours searching for small morsels of information. I know that is part of the allure of genealogy for me.

When we were younger, my, parents bought a set of World Book encyclopedias. I loved those white covers that held what seemed to be all the information in the world. Our edition had pages of color illustrations. I remember in the C volume, there were several pages of costumes from historic eras throughout the world. I think those photos are what made me fall in love with Egyptian culture – I loved the clothing they wore! I loved learning about Flappers and their dresses with long strands of pearls and feather boas.

The difference in researching for pleasure, is the drive and desire to learn something. In business I often found it was hard to get people on board with the idea of researching. I will admit the material can be dry at times. Don’t get me wrong, I was an excellent researcher in business because solving a problem that required research was like finding the solution to a puzzle.

I love games on my iPad that require thinking – escape rooms are a perfect example. I remember years ago when The Scarlet Room came out. The graphics were wonderful for the time and the puzzles challenging. Years later my grandson and I would spend time solving those games together. We never got bored!

Right now I am researching mail order brides for a short story I am writing. It is so interesting. I know many of our blogging friends who are also published authors spend a great deal of time doing research. Readers will definitely tell you if your research was not thorough enough.

With so much information at our fingertips, how can anyone get bored?

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SoCS – Key

We are back and Linda Hill again offers us a word to mull over for SoCS. Amble over to her blog to get all the skinny on how to participate. Make sure to read some of the other blogger’s posts while you are there.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or use it metaphorically. Have fun!

I once lived in a small coastal town in Maine. Yarmouth is a great town with a wonderful small town feel. Most of the people who live there are “well to do” – we were not a member of that club, however. Regardless, the people were kind and friendly and we had a pretty good experience living there.

The thing about living in Maine is it definitely have four distinct seasons. The tulips bloom in the spring, summers are warm but not hot, fall color is radiant – and then there is winter. It is long and cold and sometimes brutal.

The high school did not have a football team, but they did have an ice hockey team. Every kid in Yarmouth learned how to skate.

A bit of a segue – I did my banking at KeyBank. (Their logo contains a big red key, but it is protected by copyright so I can not use it here.) Why am I talking about my bank?

Well, every winter, behind KeyBank was a small pond that froze over in winter. It is where many of the local children learned to ice skate – including my children.

I never learned to skate, but I took my children there. One year they both got skates for Christmas. I would take them to the pond to skate. I sat freezing on the sidelines while they learned to stand and eventually move on the ice. I think the pond was originally hand dug sometime back in the 1930s.

I will admit I looked to see if the pond was still there. It is and it is much nicer these days with lighting when the rink is open and safe to skate on. It even has a name now. To me it will always be the pond behind KeyBank.

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SoCS – On Wallpaper

It has been so long since I wrote SoCS, but Linda is always on time like clockwork. If you want to see what she has cooked up for us, pop over to her blog and join in.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wallpaper.”Use it however you’d like. Have Fun!

Wallpaper and I go way back. It seemed like every old home where I grew up had wallpaper. Most of the houses had little or no insulation, but there were always layers of wallpaper, often applied on top of newspapers used as a defense against the cold.

My grandparents’ homes seemed to be the exception. My maternal grandmother’s home had shiplap walls – wide planks of wood and in their home, painted white. My maternal grandmother’s home had wall panels that were of a spongy-like consistency. I never knew what the material was.

My grandmother did have books of wallpaper samples, though. I loved paging through them. The scenes and textures were very ornate covered with images of lands far away, or bright colored peacocks strutting through garden gates.

When we moved to Ohio, I do not recall wallpaper being used in any of my friend’s houses. Everything was drywall and paint. When I returned home to Virginia after marrying, I was back in the old houses with layers and layers of history on the walls.

My first husband and I lived in his grandmother’s old farmhouse after my daughter was born. I have very vivid memories of lying in bed watching snow flakes blow in through the cracks where the years of newspaper and wallpaper could no longer keep the elements at bay. I will say I loved reading the dates and the bits of articles that would be revealed when the wallpaper fell away and left only the newspaper that had once been the first line of defense.

Hubby and I bought two houses with wallpapered rooms. Never again. Someone had super glued the bright red train border to the wall in one bedroom. We had to replace the drywall to remove it. It is beautiful, but not for me!

Whose stories are hidden

All along the walls

Layers and layers of

Lifted corners

Peeling away the past

Anyone can stop and

Peer inside a life

Every moment played out, waiting for the final