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Foggy, Froggy and Soggy

Day 326

We spent the morning fishing in the tidal creed off the dock. It was hot with the heat index hovering around 109°F.

Not much luck catching anything edible although I did catch a shark and a small sting ray. Neither of which I would attempt to free by myself. Luckily our son-in-law and hubby were there to help. I am okay putting live bait on my hook and removing small fish, but not the dangerous stuff.

Our son-in-law took the kayak out to the small island created at low tide. He was using the cast net to cast for bait.

Unfortunately a storm came up and we all took a break until the storm blew over. We tried a little more fishing but the drizzling rain and the cooler temperatures signaled time to call it for the day.

After a nice dinner of homemade tacos we did some crafts and then played a couple of games of Uno which was lots of fun.

Three of the German Short Haired Pointers are here, so after dinner there was a huge pile of dogs and people intertwined relaxing and watching a little TV. Our granddaughter made peanut butter balls and coconut balls for snacks.

After a good night’s sleep we had a relaxed morning. Now it is time to pack up and head home. It’s been nice being with family and enjoying the water.

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Now The Waiting Begins

Day 231

My children are coming today and I am beyond excited! I just received a text with a picture of my granddaughter grinning ear-to-ear saying they were on the way.

Traveling with a toddler is hard. The last time they made this trip our granddaughter was a baby. They seem prepared with an assortment of things to keep her occupied and help pass the time.

Waiting is hard. They are driving so it will be a long day. I am glad I reserved a few last minute things to do today so I will not be pacing the floor for hours.

I now know how my Dad felt all those years when we traveled by car to see him. I am now seeing his side and I understand so much more now than I did then. I will never forget pulling into his driveway and seeing him rush out the front door with his arms spread wide open. Yes, Dad, I know now how you felt.

My posts will be short for the next few days because this time with our family will fly by too fast. Nothing is more important than this.

Hope you have a great week!

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Just Shake It Off

Day 230

This morning I hear my mom’s voice in my head. “Just shake it off, kiddo.” Mom always found escape in the paperback novels she read. She never seemed to spend much time in her head, always able to rise above the prevailing winds of negative thought.

Be like mom“, I think which brings this song to mind.

Sometimes when things bother me or give me pause to think too much, I can really get in my head. Once I allow myself to get in my head, it’s a little too easy to get swept up in the undercurrent of my old way of thinking. In recent years I have managed to accentuate the positive.

Tomorrow my children will be here. My granddaughter talks to me on video chat and she sometimes thinks I can play with her on video which somehow I manage to do. It will be nice to have her here discovering life at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

There is a constant show right outside our window of birds, squirrels and chipmunks for her to watch. I know the glass will be covered in little handprints that I will not be inclined to remove too quickly.

When joy is on the horizon, it does not do us justice to dwell in too much mental chaos.

I am taking advice from my granddaughter’s favorite Disney character, Elsa, and I am just letting it go.

The cold never bothered me anyway.”

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Foggy Friday

Day 226

Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a fog today. I woke early with a mild headache, but dressed for our morning walk just the same. As we stepped outside it started to rain. Just recovering from a cold, I did not want to get caught in the rain. We came in, checked the radar, and managed to get a short walk in between storms.

I saw this bird nest lying on the ground as we walked. Hopefully, it has served its purpose. Our bluebirds and our Carolina wrens have hatched and the nests are now empty so maybe the same is true for this abandoned nest.

I took a class last year that explained how to tell the bird by the construction of the nest, but I honestly don’t remember now. Maybe when this headache subsides I will try to look it up. Waiting for this sinus pill to kick in.

Last night we saw the first lightening bugs of the season. To me that signals the transition from spring to summer. I am not ready for the heat of summer. Our weather predictions are in the 80-90° F range all this week through Memorial Day.

But all-in-all, next week will be wonderful regardless. Our children and granddaughter will be here for the long weekend. There will be adventures to be had no matter the weather.

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When Times Were Gentle

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Day 217

I have a print hanging upstairs my husband bought me on our second anniversary. The painting, When Times Were Gentle, is by the artist G. Harvey. It is a night street scene of times gone by. It has such a peaceful aura about it. I am not old enough to remember these times, but I do often think about how much simpler life seemed when I was growing up. I know life is not the same for us across the board, but for a child, I believe life should be gentle. I am not saying without responsibility because we had a lot of responsibility. I am just saying free from stress and surrounded by love.

Yesterday there was another school shooting. This type of fear and terror, especially when carried out by peers, must do something to a person’s psyche — especially a child. I cannot imagine going to school knowing school shootings are a reality and a very real possibility.

I am not here to argue gun control or politics, I am here to mourn innocence lost. I fear for my grandchildren living in a world where there seem to be no efforts to curb violence. I think we are becoming numb to it which scares the hell out of me.

People shot dead don’t come back. You don’t get a new life, or get regenerated or re-spawned like so many video games show. Dead is dead. Wounded is scarred — for life.

This blog took a turn I was not expecting today. I had a funny, childhood topic in mind, but some days, things are just not funny.

And just a note. I will not engage in political arguments or soapbox stands here. My blog, my rules. Otherwise, I love reading your thoughtful comments and shared experiences.

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”
Patrick Rothfuss