Three Things – Tranquil Thursday #12

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I was again inspired by another Mary Oliver quote this morning:

“I believe in kindness.
Also in mischief.
Also in singing,
especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.”

—Mary Oliver

Today’s questions are simple and straightforward.

  1. Do you often extend kindness to others? When was the last time a kindness was extended to you?
  2. What was the last mischievous thing you did?
  3. How often do you sing with just your voice? No radio, no music, no accompanying voices?

  1. I always try to be kind to others even if it is a simple gesture in the grocery store. I will confess some of the harshness in this world can undermine our efforts. Last night I stumbled on a TikTok account of a man who works tirelessly in a community with a substantial homeless population. He raises money to find them hotel rooms, buy them food, get haircuts and medical care. I could not stop watching. It renewed my faith in humanity. Kindness should be easy for us. As far as myself, small kindnesses mean the world. An unexpected call, cleaning the kitchen, a note in the mail, a kind comment on my blog. I see this kindness often and am grateful.
  2. I have not been mischievous in a while – it is most often with my grandchildren when I can be more childlike, playing jokes, and pranks as well as being willing to be on the receiving end of the same. I really need to find some mischief to get into!
  3. My first husband often told me how horrible my voice was. So for years, I stopped singing. I do not have a beautiful angelic voice like my daughter, but at least I do sing now with all my off-key crackling tones simply because it makes me happy.

Now sing along!


26 thoughts on “Three Things – Tranquil Thursday #12”

  1. Here are my answers, Maggie.
    1) I try my best to. I recently became the ‘Keyholder’ for an old lady across the street who had an alarm system installed in case she falls, or is unwell. She has no family, and asked me because she sees me walking my dog. Then last week, I paid the difference for the customer in front of me at a supermarket checkout. She was a young mum carrying a baby, and she was £6 short on the total. She was going to put back a pack of nappies, and I told the cashier to put them on my bill. The young mum was tearful at my gesture, but I told her it was a pleasure to help.
    When I was unable to drive because my licence had expired and the renewal was delayed, my next door neighbours offered to drive me anywhere I needed to go, even at short notice.
    2) I told my wife I had won the National Lottery, and I had received an email confirming it. Before she could get too excited, I confessed it was only £10.
    3) I almost never sing. My singing voice is awful! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I am not surprised by your kindness, Pete. The kindness your neighbor extended to you was definitely a kind gesture. My husband is a prankster, but he has not pulled anythignon me lately. 😉 As far as awful voices, I still say sing until your heart is content!

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  2. Small acts of kindness goes a long way, I loved this one. Kindness indeed is not just helping with resources, it is in very small things in everyday life. And the people on receiving end are not just the poor ones, but everyone in this world deserve and expect kindness. Very nice Maggie! I will ping back my answers soon. 😇

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  3. How lovely all of this is, Maggie. I think I receive kindnesses all day, every day. Simple stuff will do it…like the hubby adjusting the seat on our spin bike to my height…after he used it. I need to remember to thank him for that!
    I think being mischievous and goofy is a good thing…I made silly faces at a toddler in a grocery cart yesterday that made him wonder – I’m sure – about the crazy lady in line behind he and his mom…but I made him smile!
    And…thank you for the Carpenters tune…such a good one…and I often find myself singing during the day with my headphones on while I’m working. I might want to close the door to my office more…it could be interpreted as disturbing the peace! 😉

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    1. Simple kindesses make each day a little more joyful.

      I love smiling, waving and 8 teract8ng with children. My husband always says “I think they know we must be grandparents” because they often react to us first.

      Sing away, Vicki! Door open please.

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  4. I do try to wish folks a good day when seeing them in my travels. Opening doors, in parking lots, etc. I would have to say the last kindness extended to me by someone was by a car repairperson who talked me out of an unnecessary service. The last mischievous thing…to be honest Maggie, I can’t think of anything, I sing a lot to music, radio, etc. but I don’t bust out in song with just my voice, Gotta have the band playing as well!

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  5. Wow, I believe Mary Oliver just described me! “I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.” I am going to explore more of Mary’s works!

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  6. 1. Do you often extend kindness to others? When was the last time a kindness was extended to you?

    I try to extend kindness to others as much as I can, because I believe that kindness is a powerful and positive force that can make a difference in someone’s life. Kindness is a cycle that can create positive impacts and outcomes for everyone involved. Kindness is not only a one-time thing, but a habit and a lifestyle.

    The last time kindness was extended to me was when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed by a deadline at work. I was working late at night and I felt like I was running out of time and energy. I was about to give up and cry when my colleague called me and offered her help me with my project. She showed me that kindness is not only about being nice, but also about being helpful and supportive.

    2. What was the last mischievous thing you did?

    The last mischievous thing I did was prank my sister on her birthday. I know it sounds mean, but it was all in good fun and she took it well. At the end, I felt happy and proud of myself for pulling off the prank. I felt like I had achieved my goals of getting back at her, making her laugh, and having a memorable birthday. I also felt closer to her and more connected to her. I realized that pranks can be fun and harmless if they are done with love and care.

    3. How often do you sing with just your voice? No radio, no music, no accompanying voices?

    I sing with just my voice quite often, because I enjoy singing and I find it relaxing and therapeutic. I sing with just my voice when I am alone, such as when I am in the shower, in the car, or in my room. I sing with just my voice when I am happy, such as when I am celebrating something, feeling grateful, or having fun. I also sing with just my voice when I am sad, such as when I am feeling lonely, stressed, or hurt. I think that singing with just my voice is a wonderful and liberating experience. It makes me feel happy, confident, and creative. It makes me feel alive and connected to myself. It makes me feel free and authentic.


    1. Kindness is a lifestyle choice, isn’t it? Choosing to be kind can truly shift our perspective.

      Pranks among siblings are the best! I am glad it was well received and brought laughter.


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