I Have No Proof

Night sky over mountains
Image by Sasimaporn Moonthep from Pixabay

The crowd yells “Show me the receipts!” Sorry, there are none.

Last night I made a quick trip to the pharmacy. In my haste I left without my phone.

Dusk was beginning to settle as I turned the corner and drove by the newly plowed tomato fields as four deer crossed the road ahead of me. I quickly searched for my phone. I was so intent on snapping a photo I almost missed the moment.

They were beautiful. I watched as the two adults moved into the field while the two yearling froze as if to stare me down. I had stopped the car to let them pass. In a flash they were moving out of sight.

I thought about my phone. After the moment of “what if I need to…” passed, I decided to forge ahead phoneless! Imagine that! Riding into the night untethered.

On the way home the sky was a beautiful violet color, barely lit by the last of the sun as it disappeared behind the mountains. It would have made a beautiful painting. I can’t prove that either. You will simply have to take my word for it.

I spent my life as the family photographer and I am thankful for the countless photographs I took over the years. Now that I am older, I find myself getting more and more content to be lost in the moment, fully immersed in my surroundings. There may be less photos but the trade off is fuller memories.

An acquaintance of mine is in France for a week. She is taking photos and posting them on FaceBook. Sadly, most of them are things she has found to be negative. Bags of trash, artificial flowers, things in disrepair. It is obvious by the backgrounds of the photos she is in a beautiful part of the world. I think she might be missing the moment.

Today my wish is that you experience beautiful things and I hope there are at least a handful you cannot prove.

Take a moment. Put down your phone. Soak in life. That’s my advice. 🦌