Monday Missive

I took a much needed day off yesterday. I managed to get my exercises in, but the cold and rainy weather is wreaking havoc on my knees. I decided self-care was just what the doctor ordered. I cooked chili Friday to get us through this latest cold snap and I was so glad I did.

  • Thursday I am flying back to Florida for a week to attend the baby shower for our soon-to-be grandson. It will be nice to have some warmer temperatures although their temperatures have been cooler than normal, too.
  • When I get back I plan to schedule my knee replacement surgery. There is a 2-3 month lead time for the schedule and this way I can plan it so as not to interfere with the baby’s arrival.
  • I took a few photos yesterday. The early bloom and the recent cold snap are not a good combination for plants. Local nurseries are moving plants into the greenhouses to protect them. I really hope the apple orchards are not affected. This can be a tenuous time for them.
  • Friday I made an appointment to get my hair cut without realizing there would be a St. Patrick’s parade. I had to cancel my appointment because there was absolutely no parking to be found. Dang!
  • Today will be filled running errands in preparation for my trip and getting the last of the Easter basket goodies for my two youngest grandchildren. I also need to look at the baby registry and get our gift ordered. Much to do!

This is beginning to feel a lot like one of Linda’s “What Day is it Anyway” posts she ran during the pandemic.

Here’s wishing you all a good week. Enjoy the flowers!